The danger of modern society

#OccupyAIPAC facts: Approximately 500,000 Israeli settlers live within the occupied Palestinian territory in violation of international law.

Obama won’t even acknowledge that Israel has nuclear weapons, but calls Iran hypocritical. #aipac2012 #OccupyAIPAC

Obama says “we will stand against” efforts to boycott or divest from Israel. (Just as Reagan opposed #BDS on South Africa) #aipac2012

Obama at #AIPAC2012 : “No family, no citizen should live in fear.” Really? Why aren’t you speaking out against Israel’s crimes then?

Obama: “I will only use force when time and circumstances demand it” *sends drone to kill some unidentified Afghan teens. #aipac2012

Puppets of Bibi and Obama come out, w/ handcuffs #occupyaipac

#occupyaipac walking telling ppl going to conference they are supporting the killing of children

#occupyAIPAC now protesting outside their conference in d.c. Puppets of obama and netenyaho Palestinian flags everywhere amazing

Obama: “We have been there for Israel every single time.”#aipac2012

If you don’t acknowledge the Nakba when talking about Israel’s establishment, then you are a Nakba denier. Obama is one.#AIPAC2012

Obama awarding Shimon Peres the Presidential Medal of Terror.#AIPAC2012

I don’t get why people still like Obama. It’s like are you blind? He’s sending drones to all these innocent countries killing masses of ppl

Obama just referred to Palestine as “the historic homeland of the Jewish people.” #aipac2012

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