Former Israeli Minister: We Have Contacts with Free Army, Israel Has Interest in Fall of Syrian Regime

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (SANA) –Israel Today newspaper said that the former minister and current member of the Knesset for the Labor Party, Isaac Herzog, is currently in contact with members from the Syrian opposition and the so-called ‘Free Army’ in an attempt to undermine the Syrian regime after diplomatic and international efforts have failed to overthrow it.

The newspaper added Herzog is communicating with different activists from the Syrian opposition in the exile, quoting the Minister as saying, “When I was the minster in charge with the humanitarian aids to Gazans during Operation Cast Lead, I established relations with other humanitarian organizations as I also established relations with Syrian activists.”

The Newspaper said that Herzog knows main figures from “the Free Army” very well. “I have always wanted Israel to participate in the ‘Friends of Syria’ Conference held in Tunis last week, but I’m not naïve and I know the problems and the negative sentiments,” Herzog said.

“Israel in particular has interest in the overthrow of the Syrian regime, because that means Syria will get out of the game in the region,” the Labor Party Knesset member added.

( / 04.03.2012)

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