News from Syria 04.03.2012

Our defeat in #BabAmr was anticipated and foretold yet #SNC kept on looking. #SNC failed to avert this massacre. #SNC GO HOME.#Syria

Free #Syria ns want REAL LEADERS not a bunch of fatsos couch potatoes or people wanting to make names for themselves. #Syria#SyriaBleeds

One whole year and 7500 victims and #SNC is still not UNITED…what the hell? #Syria #SyriaBleeds

2. #BurhanGhalion go back to teaching. You have no experience leading free #Syria ns. Our defeat in #BabAmr is your responsibility.#Syria

LIVE Broadcast now from #Daraa as tanks roll into the city. 2 explosions reported, tanks under broadcaster bldg #Syria

#SNC: We can have all free #Syria ns rise against you. #SNC GO HOME. #Syria #SyriaBleeds

#SNC: We do not care about your titles or inflated backgrounds.#SNC GO HOME. You are not fit to run #Syria ‘s revolution.#SyriaBleeds

#SNC: We do not care about your titles or inflated backgrounds.#SNC GO HOME. You are not fit to run #Syria ‘s revolution.#SyriaBleeds

There is no other solution to the #Syria n crisis other than armed revolution. #Bashar will not leave until #Syria is in ruins. #SyriaBleeds

#SNC: is a group of old farts trying to run a revolution by throwing fluffy cotton at #Bashar and his clan. Go home. #Syria #SyriaBleeds

The governor of #Indiana rushes to inspect the tornado stricken areas to help ‘his’ people & our #Bashar kills his own people. #Syria#USA

#SNC: You are not doing enough Do not become an obstacle Get out of the way. Go Home. #Syria #SyriaBleeds re-post

#BurhanGhalion: You do not understand THERE ARE NO HALF SOLUTIONS WITH THE #Syria n regime. BYE BYE

#BurhanGhalion go back to teaching. You have no experience leading free #Syria ns. Our defeat in #BabAmr is your responsibility.#Syria

It was two days ago we called for the #SNC to disband, today #Homswants #Ghalion to resign!

Resistance will continue until liberation of al-Quds: Nasrallah


c_330_235_16777215_0___images_stories_mar02_05_01_hezb.jpgHezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah says the Lebanese resistance movement will continue until the liberation of al-Quds (Jerusalem).
Nasrallah said the resistance movement would confront the “plans and continuous plots that aim to destroy the Palestinian cause and particularly al-Quds,” Press TV reported.
The Hezbollah secretary general made the remarks during an international conference on al-Quds in Beirut on Sunday.
Hezbollah will oppose the Israeli project to Judaize al-Quds and Israel’s plots to destroy the religious sanctities of the holy city, Nasrallah added.
The Hezbollah leader also urged followers of all divine religions to act responsibly in regard to the fate of al-Quds.
He went on to say that the talks with the Israelis on the issue of al-Quds have not been realistic and will not lead to any solution.
The international conference on al-Quds was held a few days after acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas warned that Israel is using “heinous methods and policies” to erase the Arab, Islamic, and Christian character of East al-Quds (Jerusalem).
Abbas made the remarks during the three-day International Conference for the Defense of Occupied Jerusalem, which began in the Qatari capital Doha on February 26.
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Former Israeli Minister: We Have Contacts with Free Army, Israel Has Interest in Fall of Syrian Regime

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (SANA) –Israel Today newspaper said that the former minister and current member of the Knesset for the Labor Party, Isaac Herzog, is currently in contact with members from the Syrian opposition and the so-called ‘Free Army’ in an attempt to undermine the Syrian regime after diplomatic and international efforts have failed to overthrow it.

The newspaper added Herzog is communicating with different activists from the Syrian opposition in the exile, quoting the Minister as saying, “When I was the minster in charge with the humanitarian aids to Gazans during Operation Cast Lead, I established relations with other humanitarian organizations as I also established relations with Syrian activists.”

The Newspaper said that Herzog knows main figures from “the Free Army” very well. “I have always wanted Israel to participate in the ‘Friends of Syria’ Conference held in Tunis last week, but I’m not naïve and I know the problems and the negative sentiments,” Herzog said.

“Israel in particular has interest in the overthrow of the Syrian regime, because that means Syria will get out of the game in the region,” the Labor Party Knesset member added.

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Tientallen doden bij gevechten in zuiden Jemen


Gewonde soldaten op de plek van de zelfmoordaanslag vanochtend.

Bij gevechten in het zuiden van Jemen zijn vandaag zeker zesendertig militairen en vijfentwintig militanten omgekomen. Dat heeft een bron bij het Jemenitische leger aan persbureau AP laten weten.

De 61 doden vielen bij gevechten die ontstonden nadat de stad Zinjibar vanochtend werd opgeschrikt door twee zelfmoordaanslagen op militaire posten. Daarbij maakten de strijders van de groep Ansar al-Shari’a zware wapens buit, waarmee de militairen vervolgens werden aangevallen.

Vanuit het zuiden wordt het land geteisterd door deze aan Al-Qaeda verwante beweging. Extremistische groeperingen profiteren van de chaos in het land.

Eind vorige maand is in Jemen Abed Rabo Mansour Hadi beëdigd als nieuwe president. Hij volgt Ali Abdullah Saleh op, die na meer dan 33 jaar de macht heeft overgedragen. Hadi was de enige kandidaat in de presidentsverkiezingen.

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Israeli troops ‘raid Jenin apartment block’

Israeli forces in Jenin
JENIN (Ma’an) — Israeli forces raided northern West Bank city Jenin early Sunday, locals told Ma’an.

Soldiers stormed the Nasser al-Four building and gathered all tenants into a single apartment for questioning, witnesses said.

South of Jenin, forces deployed in Qabatia village in the early hours. No detentions were reported in either raid.

An Israeli army spokesman said he was not familiar with the incident.

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Some aid reaches Homs as Syrians flee to border

Syrian refugees arrive into Qaa village, in northern Lebanon, March 4, 2012
BEIRUT (Reuters) — The Red Cross delivered emergency aid to areas around the battered Baba Amro district of the Syrian city of Homs on Sunday, but was blocked for a third day from entering the former rebel bastion amid reports of bloody reprisals by state forces.

Activists reported shelling and other violence across Syria, sending one of the biggest surges of refugees across the border into Lebanon in a single day since a revolt against President Bashar Assad began a year ago.

Concerns mounted for civilians stranded in Baba Amro in freezing weather with little food, fuel or medicine after weeks in a state of siege and under near-constant shelling by Syrian forces intent on crushing the uprising.

“We have the green light, we hope to enter, we hope today is the day,” said the International Committee of the Red Cross’ Damascus-based spokesman Saleh Dabbakeh, declining to comment on what he said were sensitive talks with Syrian officials.

“We are very concerned about the people in Baba Amro.”

The ICRC said it had been prevented from entering Baba Amro by Syrian forces despite receiving government permission, a move activists said was to hide “massacres” by the Syrian army.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Friday he had received “grisly reports” that troops were executing and torturing people in Homs after insurgents abandoned their positions.

Aid workers began delivering supplies to areas near Baba Amro where people had fled, the ICRC said.

“It is a positive step. But we want to enter Baba Amro today,” ICRC spokesman Hicham Hassan told Reuters in Geneva.

The United Nations’ refugee agency said up to 2,000 Syrians had fled the fighting for neighboring Lebanon.

“We had similar numbers in April 2011, but the flow of new arrivals had stabilized since then,” United Nations refugee agency spokeswoman Dana Sleiman said.

Refugees told Reuters of army shelling and gunfire on border towns. One woman said she and her family had fled the village of Jusiyah, near Qusair, some 12 km from the border.

“In the morning the shelling started, so we had to leave towards Lebanon. There were some wounded, but I don’t know what happened to them,” said Um Ali, 64.

She was sat under a tree with her husband, five sons and a pregnant daughter-in-law. They had not brought any belongings.

“We don’t know what to do,” she said.

The outside world has proved powerless to halt the killing in Syria, where repression of initially peaceful pro-democracy protests sparked an insurrection by army deserters and others.

The government says it is fighting foreign-backed “terrorists” it blames for killing hundreds of soldiers and police across the country.

School raid

Syrian state television showed the gory corpses of anti-Assad fighters killed in clashes in the suburbs of the city of Hama, as well as an array of captured weapons, including arms it said were US and Israeli-made.

In a sign of mounting chaos, one activist reported that the Syrian army had raided a girls school in Daraya, near Damascus, beating students for holding an anti-Assad protest and threatening to open fire on similar demonstrations in future.

In a house in the Douma suburb of Damascus, the activist told Reuters by Skype that the Syrian army had killed two defectors and seven other people who had been harboring them.

Other activists reported government raids in Hama in which one young man was shot dead, and heavy shelling in the town of Rastan, north of Homs, where rebels have been hiding.

“Residents told me that shelling started early this morning shortly after helicopters and spotter planes were seen above the town,” said Rami Abdelrahman, head of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Clashes between Free Syrian Army defectors and Syrian troops were reported in Jebel al-Zawiya in Syria’s north, and activists said government forces had used tear gas to end an anti-Assad protest of around 1,000 people in the northern city of Aleppo.

Abdelrahamn also reported an attack on a Syrian army weapons depot by rebels near Homs on Saturday, killing and wounding up to 50 Syrian troops. Activists’ reports are difficult to verify independently due to Syrian reporting restrictions.

The United Nations says Syrian security forces have killed more than 7,500 civilians since the revolt against the Assad family’s four-decade rule began in March last year.

The Syrian government said in December that “armed terrorists” had killed more than 2,000 soldiers and police during the unrest.

Beirut protests

Lebanon deployed more troops to its northern border in response to the violence in Syrian towns nearby, a Reuters witness said, part of a conflict that risks dragging in regional powers with rival sectarian interests.

In the Lebanese capital, Beirut, hundreds of soldiers and scores of military trucks and jeeps blocked off the city center during protests for and against Assad, whose ruling clan are Alawites, an offshoot of Shiite Islam.

Lebanon is mainly made up of Shiites, Sunnis and Christians, and is home to the powerful Shiite militant group Hezbollah, which is backed by Shiite Iran.

Sunni Arab states Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been among the loudest calling for Assad’s downfall, and have even suggested arming his opponents.

“We sacrifice our blood and souls for you Bashar,” chanted a pro-Assad crowd of some 500 people. Some stepped on photos of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah and threw shoes at a poster of him.

A similar sized anti-Assad crowd sang: “We sacrifice our blood and souls for you, Homs.”

Former Syrian ally Turkey said Assad was guilty of “war crimes” while China said it was “deeply worrying that the situation in Syria remains grave”.

China, which along with Russia has twice vetoed UN Security Council resolutions condemning Damascus, urged government and rebels to end the violence and start talks, but reiterated its opposition to foreign military intervention.

“We oppose anyone interfering in Syria’s internal affairs under the pretext of ‘humanitarian’ issues,” said a foreign ministry statement carried by Xinhua news agency.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will join Arab counterparts at a meeting in Cairo this month to discuss the Syrian crisis, the Arab League said on Sunday, a move that could indicate Moscow is shifting its stance on the issue.

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The danger of modern society

#OccupyAIPAC facts: Approximately 500,000 Israeli settlers live within the occupied Palestinian territory in violation of international law.

Obama won’t even acknowledge that Israel has nuclear weapons, but calls Iran hypocritical. #aipac2012 #OccupyAIPAC

Obama says “we will stand against” efforts to boycott or divest from Israel. (Just as Reagan opposed #BDS on South Africa) #aipac2012

Obama at #AIPAC2012 : “No family, no citizen should live in fear.” Really? Why aren’t you speaking out against Israel’s crimes then?

Obama: “I will only use force when time and circumstances demand it” *sends drone to kill some unidentified Afghan teens. #aipac2012

Puppets of Bibi and Obama come out, w/ handcuffs #occupyaipac

#occupyaipac walking telling ppl going to conference they are supporting the killing of children

#occupyAIPAC now protesting outside their conference in d.c. Puppets of obama and netenyaho Palestinian flags everywhere amazing

Obama: “We have been there for Israel every single time.”#aipac2012

If you don’t acknowledge the Nakba when talking about Israel’s establishment, then you are a Nakba denier. Obama is one.#AIPAC2012

Obama awarding Shimon Peres the Presidential Medal of Terror.#AIPAC2012

I don’t get why people still like Obama. It’s like are you blind? He’s sending drones to all these innocent countries killing masses of ppl

Obama just referred to Palestine as “the historic homeland of the Jewish people.” #aipac2012

At least 35 Yemen soldiers slain in clash with militants

ADEN (Reuters) — At least 35 Yemeni soldiers were killed in the south of the country on Sunday in clashes with militants linked to al-Qaeda, medics said.

Medics at a military hospital in the southern port city of Aden said dozens were also wounded and the number of casualties was likely to rise as a result of the fighting.

Clashes broke out after twin suicide bombings targeting military posts in Zinjibar earlier on Sunday.

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FIFA heft hoofddoekjesverbod op

Moslimvrouwen mogen vanaf juli een hidjab dragen tijdens voetbalwedstrijden. De wereldbond FIFA heeft dit weekeinde tijdens een congres van de spelregelcommissie in het Engelse Surrey besloten het verbod op het dragen van de islamitische hoofddoek op te heffen. Het verbod was vanaf maart 2007 van kracht.

FIFA heft hoofddoekjesverbod op

,,We willen alle vrouwen in de wereld de mogelijkheid bieden om te kunnen voetballen”, zei secretaris-generaal Jérôme Valcke van de FIFA.

Het pleidooi om het hidjabverbod op te heffen, was afkomstig van de Verenigde Naties en kreeg steun van de Aziatische en Afrikaanse voetbalbond.

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King Abdullah II: Peace with Israel makes no sense

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has expressed pessimism over the prospect of any reconciliation with Israel, saying the regional countries have started to realize that peace with Israel ‘makes no sense.’

“To us, peace always was and remains a strategic choice. But popular frustration at Israeli policies is at a peak across the region and even traditionally moderate parties and groups are starting to question whether seeking or keeping peace with Israel makes sense any more,” said the Jordanian king in a Saturday interview with Turkish Policy Quarterly magazine.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II, whose country was the scene of protests last year, made reference to the growing wave of Islamic Awakening across the Middle East and North Africa, and pointed out, “The Arab uprisings have obviously increased Israel’s isolation.”

The Jordanian king noted that the storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo by the Egyptian revolutionaries in September 2011 was an “evident” manifestation of Tel Aviv’s growing isolation.

He cited former US President Bill Clinton as saying a few years ago that Israel would only negotiate from a position of strength and argued that “a position of strength is not where they (the Israelis) are today.”

The Israelis are continually “breaking ranks with the US on Iran, having damaged their relations with Turkey, and facing growing popular resentment and increasing isolation from their Arab neighbors, including the very moderate ones,” Abdullah pointed out.

Since early 2011, the spreading democratic movements across the Arab world have led to the collapse or destabilization of the US-backed authoritarian regimes, which either have been considered as Israel’s regional allies or adopted passive policies towards Tel Aviv’s aggressions.

Apart from the beleaguered Arab allies, Israel has lost Turkey as its strategic Middle Eastern ally after Israeli forces killed nine Turkish nationals during an attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in 2010.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has announced plans to reconsider all its security, political and economic agreements with Israel in the coming days and call for a Palestinian uprising against Tel Aviv.

The developments come against the backdrop of a recent agreement between rival Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, to form a transitional unity government.

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