News from Syria 03.03.2012

The FSA say they have seized a multiple arms depots in the Damascus suburbs, gaining a large amount of weapons and ammo

Rescued Photographer: In Syria ‘It’s Not A War, It’s A Massacre’

BREAKING: Brave Syrian soldiers have uncovered foreign currency in Baba Amr proving the foreign conspiracy

Dear regime, to make a good Israeli conspiracy in Baba Amr. Paint stars of David all over the place and print out pictures of Netanyahu

#Syria hands over bodies of two foreign journalists

#Jbeilah #DeirEzzor #Syria – 3rd mar 2012 large participation in the funeral procession for Maryam Mohammad Salem…

The Israeli Banknote that the regime claimed to have found in Baba Amr went out of circulation 28 years ago!

#TaybaalImam #Hama #Syria – 3rd mar 2012 anti government demonstration this afternoon in the Tayba al-Imam area…

#BreakingNews: China urges the Syrian government and armed opposition to immediately and unconditionally end all acts of violence

#Inkhel #Daraa #Syria the following video taken on 1st feb 2012 shows regime forces attacking women in the Inkhel…

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