Arab League calls for an immediate end to the siege on Gaza

CAIRO , (PIC)– The Arab League general secretariat on Thursday called for an immediate end of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for the past six years and called for the reopening of the border crossing.

This was in a report by the AL Secretary General, Nabil al-Arabi which was presented by the Deputy Secretary General for Palestinian and Arab occupied territories affairs, Muhammad Sabih, to the Arab affairs committee at the Egyptian parliament.

“The siege on the Gaza Strip is not legal and constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and Geneva conventions [..] Israel implemented a one-sided withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and besieged it making life for Gaza people very difficult for which the occupation authorities are fully responsible.” the report read

The report also talked of the effects of power cuts and the restrictions on importing fuel is having on hospital in the Strip and on the population their calling for international efforts to force the Israeli occupation to end such inhumane policies.

Arabi also said in the report that the 2005 border crossing agreement should be reviewed specially that the occupation authorities breached the agreement on numerous occasions.

He also said in the report that the agreement between Hamas and Fatah to form a national unity government under the premiership of Mahmoud Abbas as agreed in Doha should help to deal with half the effects of the siege on the Gaza Strip.

He added that implementing the Palestinian reconciliation should bring positive results for the Palestinian people including the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip which suffered great destruction during the Israeli war on it in 2008/2009.

( / 03.03.2012)

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