News from Syria 16.02.2012

Danny Abduldayim: This revoluton is for the Syrian people, its not for the muslim arab world

Exactly RT”@Liiz12_: So this #UNGA vote today is basically 137 countries telling Assad “Stop being a naughty boy” Right?”

Boycott the countries that voted no. Don’t but any cocaine, blood diamonds, child prostitutes, bad cigars or slave labour

#DeirEzzor Gunfire at Sabaa Bahrat roundabout in the city

Seriously, 2 countries (have the right of Veto) control the decision of 137 countries?? #Syria

Jaafari pretending he hates Israel while Assad bombards his own people with rockets and mortars, not Israeli positions in the Golan

Bashar Al-Jaarfari=pathetic. “congrats for this new alliance between the Arab League and Israel” #Syria #UNGA

UPDATE: UN assembly adopts resolution condemning Syria crackdown

@ArabSpringFF He did his best. I mean he did mention google & Microsoft & they banned apple iPhones. I remember the drugged sandwiches

Jaafari talking about Trojan Horses now

FULL TEXT: @AmbassadorRice on the successful #UNGA resolution on #Syria: “Asad has never been more isolated.”

General Assembly demands #Syria halt violence without delay

The real benefit of today resolution is the exposure of the ” No” camp. They are the minority and they know it. #Syria #UNGA

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