UK helps Israel steal Palestinian water

British Water, which represents the UK water industry supply chain, signed an agreement with Israel in December which received no media coverage.

Palestinians have no access to the Jordan River because of the Israeli regime’s closures.

Palestinians are forced to buy their own water, which is extracted from wells within their own land.

Balfour’s comments were made as Britain had promised “the 700,000 Arabs” that had “occupied the land” independence in return for their assistance in defeating the Ottoman-German Alliance in World War I.

Britain has decided to help the Israeli regime steal water from Palestinians, while even the Israeli press describe the act as a ‘water occupation.’

British Water, which represents the UK water industry supply chain, signed an agreement with Israel in December which received no media coverage. The agreement was not even published on British Water’s website. However, the Israeli regime’s embassy in London proudly reported the agreement.

This comes as Israel’s 400-mile apartheid wall illegally encloses key water supplies. The International Court of Justice at The Hague ruled the apartheid wall is ‘contrary to international law’ and that “all States are under an obligation not to recognize the illegal situation resulting from the construction of the wall and not to render aid or assistance in maintaining the situation created by such construction.”

Israel’s apartheid wall is not even built along the so-called Green Line which itself is not a legal and official border. It bites deep into the occupied Palestinian West Bank and its construction is aimed at stealing Palestinians’ water and selling them their own water at an inflated price.

Palestinians have no access to the Jordan River because of the Israeli regime’s closures. Moreover, during the Gaza Massacre in 2008, Israel destroyed more than 30 kilometers of water networks and 11 water wells in a ‘deliberate and systematic’ manner, as described by a UN Fact Finding Mission.

Despite the establishment of a Joint Water Committee, which was set up to secure water supply to Palestinians, Israel was given veto power.

This way, Palestinians are forced to buy their own water, which is extracted from wells within their own land.

Although between 100 and 150 liters of water per day are necessary to meet health needs, an individual in marginalized Palestinian communities in the Occupied West Bank live on less than 20 liters of water a day. This comes as an average Israeli consumes 280 liters of Palestinians’ water each day.

Britain’s complicity with Israel in robbing the Palestinians of their water comes as even the Israeli newspaper Haaretz admitted that “some 450,000 [illegal] Israeli settlers on the [Occupied] West Bank use more water than the 2.3 million Palestinians that live there.”

The newspaper even considered the situation as a ‘water occupation’ that the Israeli regime has launched against the Palestinian people.

Given the bigger picture of the establishment of the Zionist state which would not be possible without Arthur Balfour, Britain’s foreign secretary from 1916 to 1919, and the UK Trade and Investment Department’s commitment to benefit Israel such acts on the part of Britain are not unexpected.

“In Palestine we do not propose even to go through the form of consulting the wishes of the present inhabitants of the country. The four powers are committed to Zionism and Zionism, be it right or wrong, good or bad, is rooted in age-long tradition, in present needs, in future hopes, of far profounder import than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now occupy that land,” said Balfour in his Balfour Declaration back in 1917.

Balfour’s comments were made as Britain had promised “the 700,000 Arabs” that had “occupied the land” independence in return for their assistance in defeating the Ottoman-German Alliance in World War I.

However, after “Turks were smitten,” as described by Stephen Ostrander, the British government gave no thought to its promise as it surrendered Palestine for the establishment of a Zionist state.

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News from Syria 10.02.2012

#Arbeen #Damascus #Syria – 10th feb 2012 sounds of clashes this evening between the Free Syrian Army and Assad…

SNN is reporting that the regime will begin a large-scale military operation in #Idleb in a few hrs cc @DASOS82

till now #Assad‘s army didn’t enter #BabaAmr area of #HomsOverland just randomly shelling from outside and Blockade and isolated it #Syria

I’m tweeting live from #Homs ,residences here talking about”trusted news” that #Assad‘s army will invade city with tanks this morning#Syria

Protesters are rescuing wounded people in Mazzeh, central Damascus. Gunfire by security can be heard

Pay attention to everything that goes on in Mezzeh. Why? It’s v. close to the Presidential Palace and Umayyad square

Hassakeh sec forces and Shabeeha stage a raid campaign of homes in Mufti area in search of activists

#Maysaloon #Aleppo #Syria – 10th feb 2012 a civilian being arrested by regime forces in the Maysaloon district

#Palmyra #Homs #Syria – 10th feb 2012 anti government demonstration kicked off this evening in the Palmyra area

#Mazzeh #Damascus #Syria – 10th feb 2012 a demonstrator being treated after he was injured by security forces

Stuart Ramsay – “The regime’s insistence that the attacks are carried out by armed foreign-backed insurgents is put simply…. nonsense”

#Maysaloon #Aleppo #Syria – 10th feb 2012 another video showing regime forces in plain clothes in the Maysaloon

Zo al Nourain battalion liberated the security forces HQ and raised the independence flag on top – (Bayadah, Homs)

A Note from Ambassador Ford. Worth reading

#Maysaloon #Aleppo #Syria – 10th feb 2012 video that shows a member of regime forces armed with a sword (on the…

Likud leaders to go to Al-Aqsa, call for “cleansing” Jerusalem and building Jewish temple on mosque’s “ruins”

Submitted by Ali Abunimah

Original post

Leaders and members of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party are leading an incursion and rally into the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound – which Israel calls the “Temple Mount” – in eastern occupied Jerusalem this Sunday to call for its destruction and building a Jewish Temple on its “ruins.”

A flyer circulated online states:

The Likud
Members of the Likud Center
Along with the thousands of party members

Led by Reb’ Moshe Feiglin
Chairman of the Likud Leadership

Are invited to make aliyah to [go up] the Temple Mount. To thank and praise the Creator of this World. To declare that healthy leadership. [sic] Its beginning is in the complete control of Temple Mount.

Cleansing the place of the enemies of Israel, the land thieves, and building the Temple on the ruins of the mosques.

Without Any Fear Whatsoever

We shall meet on Sunday, 19 Shvat, near the top of the Maimonides Gate at 8:00 a.m.

Yearning for destruction of Muslim holy sites

An image distributed by the Israeli army chief rabbinate in December depicts the Al-Aqsa compound with the Dome of the Rock removed.

Once the preserve of Zionist fringe groups, destruction of the Muslim holy sites in occupied Jerusalem has become an increasingly “mainstream” call in Israel, now coming from leaders of the ruling party.

A few weeks ago it was revealed that the Israeli army rabbinate had distributed pamphlets depicting the Temple Mount without the famous Dome of the Rock, one of the two mosques, along with Al-Aqsa, that have existed there for centuries.

While Feiglin recently ran against Netanyahu for the leadership of the Likud Party, there is little reason to think that Netanyahu himself does not sympathize with or at least tacitly support the increasingly loud calls for the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque, calls which he has never condemned.

In 1996, during his first premiership, Netanyahu colluded with a group called Ateret Cohanim, which is dedicated to the destruction of Al-Aqsa, to open a tunnel that was seen by Palestinians as furthering the goal of a settler take over of the Al-Aqsa compound and aimed at undermining the mosques. Fifty-eight Palestinians and 15 Israelis died in violence sparked by Israel’s provocation.


blog post from a website called “Bayt HaMikdash” (Temple) adds more information about the rally. It is notable that this rally is not merely a transgression of occupied territory calculated to offend Palestinians and Muslims by calling for the destruction of their shrines and heritage, but also a violation of traditional Jewish edicts.

It has long been forbidden by Israel’s Chief Rabbis for Jews to “make aliyah” to the Mount on the grounds that they could inadvertantly violate the “Holy of Holies.” Nationalist religious Zionism is increasingly pushing these prohibitions aside and creating unprecedentedly dangerous provocations.

Here’s the text of the post at “Bayt HaMikdash”:

Members of the Likud Center will make Aliyah to Temple Mount on Sunday, 19 Shvat

Participating: the chairman of the Likud leadership, Mr. Moshe Feiglin: tens of members of the Likud Center along with the thousands of members will make Aliyah to the Temple Mount, in holiness and purity, in order to give thanks and praise for their having entered the Likud | Didan Netzach!

By Gershon Kassif – Mikdash [Temple] Website

Tens of members of the Likud Center, activists for the Temple and the Temple Mount, including the Chair of the Foundation for the Legacy of the Temple Mount and the Temple, Yehuda Glick, along with the thousands of Likud party members who are loyal to the Temple Mount and to the Temple, will make Aliyah on Sunday, 19 Shvat, along with the Chairman of Jewish Leadership in the Likud, Reb’ Moshe Feiglin, and Michael Pua.

To thank and praise the Creator of the world for having had the privilege of bringing tens of new Likud Center members to make Aliyah to the Temple Mount, to make requests for the future and to pray the peace be upon Israel, to cancel the terrible decree of the evacuation of Migron and the rest of the settlements in Eretz Yisrael.

We shall meet on Sunday, 19 Shvat, near the top of the Maimonides Gate at 8:00 a.m.

Due to the holiness of the place

  • it is REQUIRED that one purify oneself in the Mikveh ritual bath, as per [Jewish] law
  • it is REQUIRED that one bring Yom-Kippur footwear – not made out of leather
  • it is REQUIRED to enter only to the places permitted to us, as we have been instructed by the Great [Teachers/Rabbis] of Israel
  • due to the terrible decrees of the police, it is required to bring identification

Temple Mount opening times for Jews: Morning: 7:30 through 10:00. Noon: 12:20 through 13:30

Update: Feiglin denial?

The flyer above and the rally was reported by Israel’s Channel 10 “Nana” website, however that report has now been deleted.

Meanwhile the Israeli forum Rotter quotes a statement, allegedly from Feiglin:

Here is Feiglin’s full response to the matter
With regard to the announcement disseminated by Nana: this is a classic case of libel, I have no idea who wrote that ad, if such a person even exists, or if it may be a provocation. In any event, the people who publicized it did not bother to make sure that I had set my hand to the matters before publishing them. The matter will be handled further in the legal channels. I make Aliyah to the Temple Mount on the 19th of every [Hebrew] month, and have done so for many years. I will also do so next Sunday, and as always, I send reminders before that in the weekly Jewish Leadership update, for anyone who may want to join. The rest of the things stated in the article are entirely imaginary.

The quote appears to come from Feiglin’s Facebook wall.

In the discussion thread on Rotter, several observations emerge. “Ella K” notes that an original notice that went to activists stated:

On Sunday, 19 Shvat, we will make Aliyah to the Temple Mount with Moshe Feiglin. We will give thanks to G_d for the great success and pray for the coninuation thereof. All new members of the [Likud] Center, activists, volunteers, and voters are invited to the entrance gate of the Wailing Wall, at 7:30, after ritual bath and without leather shoes.

Ella K notes that the original publication does not call Feiglin Reb’, and that it does not call the Moghrabi Gate the Maimonides Gate – and that it gets the time wrong. What remains undisputed is that Feiglin plans to go up the mount on Sunday with followers in tow.

Dena Shunra observes:

What does this mean? I am not sure. Maybe someone in the Likud is trying to make Feiglin look bad (he competed against Netanyahu in the recent Likud primaries, and while Netanyahu won by a landslide, there was at least some analysis saying that it constituted a kind of win for Feiglin). If so, someone in the Likud is playing politics with fire. (It is somewhat reminiscent of the Likud tactics of threatening Iran with bombardment in order to contain the Obama administration.) Or it could be someone who hopes that it would truly be so. Or indeed, a signal. Or settlers flexing their muscles. Or a trial balloon.

There’s certainly no doubt that whoever published this flyer – which was taken as real by the Israeli media – is tapping into a history of calls and growing support for destroying Al-Aqsa. Feiglin’s supporters too are clear about their desire to take over the Temple Mount.

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Saudi Arabia denounces pro-democracy protests as ‘un-Islamic’

Saudi police
Saudi police

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “For every day on which the sun rises, there is a (reward) for the one who establishes justice among people.” — Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 3, Hadith 870

We explain the signs in detail for those who reflect. — Quran 10:24

Saudi Arabia has denounced pro-democracy protests as ‘un-Islamic’. This follows the sending in of tanks into Bahrain to quash peaceful pro-democracy protests.

Saudi Arabia’s top clerics have condemned calls for protests as un-Islamic. The Council of Senior Scholars said that “reform and advice do not take place by protests or methods that lead to sedition.” The Council of Senior Scholars was formed by a royal decree in 1971 to issue religious rulings. In other words a mouthpiece of the corrupt House of Saud.

At the request of Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al al-Sheikh who heads the clerics council, Saudi Arabia is now printing and distributing 1.5 million copies of the fatwa condeming protests as ‘un-Islamic’.

The Quran places an obligation on learning, on justice, it grants women rights.

In Reconcilliation, Benazir Bhutto argues a very strong case that Islam and Democracy are not incompatable.

Islam and democracy is not an oxymoron. Democracy, human rights, women’s rights, learning, knowledge, is not something alien imposed on the Musim world by the West, these are values that lie at the heart of the Quran.

The Quran says that Islamic society is contigent on ‘mutual advice through mutual discussion on an equal footing.’

An Islamic society, one based on the Quran, is a society that upholds the principles of shura consultation, ijma building or reaching consensus, finally leading to ijtihad independent judgement.

We see none of this in Saudi Arabia where women are treated as second class citizens, where the corrupt House of Saud rules the country.

There are those clerics who claim to speak for Islam, who denigrate democracy, who deny women rights, who deny women an education, who rail against science and learning, who endorse atrocities against other religious communities. Such clerics are a pervision of Islam.

The edict issued in Saudi Arabia is un-Islamic, it serves simply to keep the corrupt House of Saud in power.

Sheikh Gamal Qotb, former head of the Al-Azhar fatwa committee, has criticised the fatwa, saying peaceful protests help promote virtue and prevent evil. Sheikh Gamal Qotb has called the Saudi edict a big mistake, saying protesters warn officials of their mistakes before those mistakes grow larger. He said Muslim governments should allocate channels for citizens to express their opinions and give feedback to officials.

Al-Azhar is the highest religious institution in the Sunni Muslim world.

Pro-democracy forces are spreading in the Middle East. The sooner the corrupt House of Saud and the royal family in neighbouring Bahrain are toppled the better. The sooner the West kicks its addition to Midlde East oil the better.

The dicatators have fallen in Egypt and Tunisia. They are on their way out in Yemen and Libya. Next, the corrupt House of Saud, the Royal family in Bahrain?

Shura: A process of reaching a descision ie consensus involvolving all members of the community.

The 42nd Sura of Quran is named as Shura. The 38th verse of that Sura suggests that shura is praiseworthy but does not indicate whether or not it is mandatory, or who should be consulted:

Those who hearken to their Lord, and establish regular Prayer; who (conduct) their affairs by mutual consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for Sustenance” [are praised]

The 159th verse of 3rd Sura orders Muhammad to consult with believers. The verse makes a direct reference to those (Muslims) who disobeyed Muhammad, indicating that ordinary, fallible Muslims should be consulted:

Thus it is due to mercy from God that you deal with them gently, and had you been rough, hard hearted, they would certainly have dispersed from around you; pardon them therefore and ask pardon from them, and take counsel with them in the affair; so when you have decided, then place your trust in God; surely God loves those who trust.

Ijmā: the reaching of consensus. The hadith of Muhammad which states that “My community will never agree upon an error”.

Ijtihad: The process of reacing a judicial desicion based upon the evidence, not on tradition or doctrine.

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Werkconferentie Abdelkarim El Khattabi

    • zaterdag
    • 18:30 tot 22:30
  • Argan, Overtoom 141 Amsterdam
  • Ter nagedachtenis van Abdelkrim El Khattabi, 49 jaar na zijn overlijden, organiseert het Forum voor Mensenrechten Noord-Marokko en Europa, afdeling Nederland een werkconferentie onder het motto:

    … “Hef de boycot op tegen de iconen van de vrijheidstrijd en de Marokkaanse geschiedenis, Abdelkrim als symbool”

    De deelnemers aan de conferentie:

    • Ali Idrissi, historicus en auteur van ‘Abdelkrim El Khattabi en de geblokkeerde Rif’.
    • Mustapha Aarab, auteur van ‘De vergeten geschiedenis van de Marokkaanse Rif’.
    • Abdelouahab Tadmouri, voorzitter Forum Mensenrechten Noord-Marokko en Europa.

    Datum: 11 februari 2012
    Aanvang: 18.30 uur
    Adres: Argan, Overtoom 11, Amsterdam

    Voor meer informatie: 06-52482870 of 06-84625344

Tunisia’s top leader rejects recognition of Israel

The leader of Tunisia’s Islamic party of al-Nahda, Rashed Ghannouchi (file photo)
The leader of Tunisia’s Islamic party of al-Nahda, Rashed Ghannouchi, has officially announced that his country will never recognize Israel.
Ghannouchi said that there is no dispute between Islamic movements in the African state over the issue of Palestine, Tunisia’s media reported.

He also rejected speculations that Tunisia might adopt a secular governing system like the one ruling Turkey.

Israel enjoyed close ties with Tunisia under the rule of the US-backed former dictator, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who ruled the country for 23 years.

However, anti-Israeli sentiments have been growing since the country’s popular revolution, which began in late 2010 and resulted in the ouster of Ben Ali’s regime.

The al-Nahda party won the majority of the seats in the assembly last October, months after the removal of the despotic regime.

Self-immolation on December 17, 2010 of Mohamed Bouazizi, an unemployed man frustrated with poverty, sparked mass protests, which grew into the revolution.

The revolution marked the initiation of the wave of Islamic Awakening throughout North Africa and the Middle East and led to political change in Egypt and Libya.

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Gaza Hamas chief arrives in Iran: state TV

The Hamas prime minister in Gaza, Ismael Haniya, seen here in 2006, is to make a visit to Iran, which is celebrating the anniversary of its 1979 Islamic revolution. (AFP)

The Hamas prime minister in Gaza, Ismael Haniya, seen here in 2006, is to make a visit to Iran, which is celebrating the anniversary of its 1979 Islamic revolution.
The Hamas prime minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, arrived in Tehran on Friday on a three-day trip and is due to speak at a rally marking the 33 anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution on Saturday, state media reported.
The state television website said the Palestinian will meet with Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other high ranking Iranian political and security officials.

Local media said two days ago that Haniya would receive an honorary degree from Tehran University.

Israel views Hamas as a terrorist group and has accused Iran of being its main arms supplier.

Khamenei, last week called Israel “a cancerous tumor that must be removed, and God willing it will be.”

Ahmadinejad, who is to give a speech on Saturday to mark the day 33 years ago when revolutionaries claimed victory over the deposed regime of the U.S.-backed shah, has strongly backed the Palestinian cause.

He has voiced Iran’s longstanding policy of rejecting the continued existence of Israel and of supporting foes of the Jewish state, including Hamas.

The Islamist group this week signed a deal with its rival, Fatah, which runs the West Bank under Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, to form a consensus government ruling both Palestinian territories.

Israel has rejected the union, and warned Abbas to choose between reconciliation with Hamas and making peace with the Jewish state.

A senior Fatah official has told AFP that the new Palestinian government would be announced in Cairo on February 18.

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International talks scheduled on electricity crisis in Gaza

An official at the Ministry of Electricity and Energy in Cairo has said that talks will be held on ways to resolve the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip. Media sources in Qatar claim that a delegation led by the head of the Gaza energy authority, Kanaan Obeid, is scheduled to go to Egypt as part of Egyptian assistance for the people of Gaza.

The Palestinian government in Gaza has warned that fuel supplies for the main power plant are running out. A call for aid has been made to Arab and Muslim countries for urgent intervention and assistance. It is hoped that the talks in Cairo will resolve the crisis.

The people in the Gaza Strip suffer from power cuts for up to 21 hours every day. Fuel supplies from Egypt have been cut off recently, adding to the severity of the crisis.

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Memories of a lost Jerusalem

The Graf Zeppelin over Jerusalem, 1931 by Elia Kahvedjian (Elia Photo Service)

The Graf Zeppelin over Jerusalem, 1931 by Elia Kahvedjian

Some eras remain engraved in memories. But others are fortunate enough to be documented by the sagacious few. Elia Kahvedjian collected and took around 3,000 photographs of Jerusalem and surrounding areas in the early part of the 20th century. Kahvedjian documented Jerusalem in its final years under the British Mandate, preserving forever parts of the city that were soon to be destroyed or redeveloped.

Born in Urfa, in southern Turkey, Kahvedjian was a refugee of the Armenian genocide. Forced on a death march with his mother after his remaining extended family was murdered by Ottoman troops, the young Elia, estimated by his family to be around 10 or 11, was sent to an orphanage in Nazareth run by the American Near East Relief Foundation. When he told the orphanage he didn’t know his surname, they asked what his father sold in his shop. “Coffee”, he replied, so he became a ‘Kahvedjian’, from ‘kahve’, the Turkish word for coffee.

At the orphanage he was taught by Garro Boghosian, an amateur photographer who began paying Kahvedjian to accompany him on his excursions in order to carry his unwieldy equipment. The young orphan fell in love with photography, and from Nazareth he was sent to Jerusalem, to live in another orphanage. There he began working for a wealthy Christian family, the Hananya brothers, who ran a photography shop in the center of the city.

Working in the photography shop gave Kahvedjian the opportunity to further his knowledge in the trade. When the brothers grew older and wanted to retire, Elia bought the shop from them and continued to run it. His family have recently found a picture of Elia in a group portrait of the Jerusalem Order of the Freemasons. They believe his association with the Freemasons gave him access to contacts within the British army, which subsequently become pivotal to his survival.

According to his family, a British army officer warned Elia two days before the start of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War (referred to by Israelis as the War of Independence) that he should dispose of his belongings and leave the city. He hid his negatives and photos in a storeroom in the Armenian Quarter, closed the shop and fled the city.

When he returned, in 1949, he opened the shop in the Christian Quarter that remains the “Elia Photo Service” to this day. In 1987 Kahvedjian’s daughter-in-law rediscovered the forgotten glass-plate silver nitrate negatives when she tidied the storeroom. The family developed a number of the films, and organized the photos for Elia’s first exhibition, held in the American Colony Hotel. The exhibition was wildly received, and the family proceeded to turn the shop into a small photographic museum. Filled with the black and white photos that span Kahvendjian’s career, the shop serves tourists keen for images of a time gone by and residents reminiscing about their earlier lives.

In 1998 the family chose a selection of the photographs to create a book, “Jerusalem Through My Father’s Eyes.” The book was printed under the family’s supervision with paper imported especially from France. The volume was the subject of a very public court case in the Jerusalem District Court after several shop owners in Jerusalem began selling unofficial copies it. The family won the case and were awarded damages. It is still unknown where the forgeries were produced.

Today, Elia’s portrait watches over all those who come to gaze at his pictures in his family’s small establishment. Antique cameras that remain in working order hang from the ceiling amongst the black and white memories of a lost time. According to his family’s estimate, Elia died at 89, in 1999. But his life, and the life of an older Jerusalem, live on.

( / 10.02.2012)

Settlers ‘raid Nablus village’

Settlers pictured near Nablus.
NABLUS (Ma’an) — Settlers raided a Nablus-district village overnight Thursday, sparking clashes with residents, a PA official said.

Dozens of Israelis from Yitzhar settlement threw stones at a number of homes in Burin, Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors settler activity in the northern West Bank, told Ma’an. No injuries have been reported.

They smashed car windows on the main road from the Jewish-only settlement, he added.

Youth from Burin gathered at the home of Ayman Sufan after it came under attack, and clashed with the group of settlers, Daghlas said.

On Jan. 7, residents of the illegal Bracha settlement raided Burin village, threw rocks and glass bottles at locals and attacked homes.

Settler attacks in the West Bank against Palestinians increased by more than 50 percent in 2011, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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