What is the Alternative

should we give the Islamic Wave a chance in the Arab World, special in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood or Salafis???

as a Muslim I would answer with a Yes

as a faithful Muslim and an open minded Human being , I would decide to study some facts, what is the situation, the history and what is the best for the country.

Yes, in Egypt the Muslim-Brotherhood were and are the biggest organized group and did a lot for the poor people.

Through using the religion the have the most supporters, but is this a reason enough to guaranty us that they are able to lead Egypt through the 21th Century

what can we expect  from politician:

-. who only ride the wave to be on the winner side

-. who only chose the middle way in order to have the power

-. who use the religion for own purpose

It´s not of the Islamic features to be false and against the truth, as Islam is a religion of truth,

can we trust those who only use the religion.

can we trust those who support the oppressors (SCAF) of the Egyptian nation

can we trust them with the double standard policy they practice

They hit Women by peacefully demonstrations

They make deals and agreements with SCAF, USA, and Israel

The Egyptian Constitution say “no political groups or parties on Religious base”

They are the reason that Egypt didn’t get civil government in year 52

To all the Egyptians to every Muslim, open your eyes and see the truth, open your mind and think, did you think why is this Islamic wave having success at the moment?

Only because as Mubarak before they do deals with the enemies, with west Governments in order to rule the country, better said in order to be their puppets.

This would give the west the opportunity they wanted to control us our beloved Egypt and rob it, the west recognized that with the religion is the easiest and best way the Arab nation can be controlled and manipulated.

As Marx called the religion as “opium of the people”

Is this the Islam?

Is the Saudi government a Islamic one?

Its time for us to make the music, not only to dance on the rhythm of others

I would suggest that the alternative are Truth-Justice-Freedom, and this we find in the Tahrir, and don’t forget that our main enemy is among us starting by the SCAF

(Raef El-ghamri  / Facebook / 06.02.2012)

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