A Statement from Members of the Alawite Sect Condemning the Regime’s Atrocities

A Statement of Condemnation from Homs the Coastal Cities (Alawites)

We the citizens, political activists, and intellectuals from the Alawite sect in Homs and the surrounding suburbs of the coastal cities, strongly condemn the massacres committed by Bashar al-Assad. In particular, we condemn the bombardment of our city, the brave city of Homs, where hundreds were martyred and hundreds more wounded, including women and children. These people are oppressed innocent Syrians that have been affected. We condemn the massacres and raids committed by the regime in Damascus, Hama, Idlib, and all the Syrian cities and towns. Out of fear for our beloved Syria, we are committed to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people. We call upon all sects and ethnic minority groups to unite as one and to halt all efforts put forth by the Assad regime to drag the country into a never-ending civil war. We, the Syrian Alawites, warn all of our brothers and sisters in Syria that Assad’s Army has been using Alawite dominated neighborhoods in Homs, to launch its assaults on the remaining neighborhoods and surrounding areas. It has been doing so to spark a sectarian revenge among the people of Homs. We hold Assad’s regime and forces along with Ba’ath Party members at home and abroad, completely responsible for the massacres in the country. In particular, we hold them responsible for igniting sectarian strife to divide Syria.

Moreover, we call upon all honorable military soldiers, officers, aides and security members to defect from the regime’s destructive army; a killing machine that is destroying our beloved Syrian nation.  We also call upon them, to stand united against this unpatriotic regime that promotes sectarian and regional strife in its attempt to divide Syria.

In addition, we condemn the irresponsible stance of the killer Russian regime and hold them entirely responsible for each child, woman and man murdered by their bullets and weapons.

We announce the following:

– Our public and unconditional support of the Syrian revolutionaries

– Our public and unconditional denouncement of the Syrian thugs ruling the country and everyone supporting it despite of his/her motivations and excuses.

– Our public and unconditional support against those who encourage the killing of the unarmed civilians; for they are the true enemies of the new Syria regardless of their sect.


Long Live Syria: One Independent, Free and Democratic Country

Dr. Tamador Abdallah

Dr. Taofic Dunia

Dr. Rami Hussein

Rasha Omran

Nizar Hammoud

Kifah Ali Deeb

Obab Riad Kalil, JD

Adel Mahfouth

Artist Louise AbdelKareem

Artist Reem Ali

Yamen Hussein

Fouad Malla

Abdelkareem Ali

Fayek Almeir

Firas Saad

Oula Ramadan

Maher Ibrahim

Marah Wassouf

Ninar Hasan

Sarah Saleh

Ali Badrieh

Ali Aboud

Rami Kousa

Rouba Hasan

Ghayath Aljundi

Raghida Hussein

Rawan Masoud

Milad Amin

Ali Nazir Ali

Suheir Asmar

Khaldoun Ibrahim

Mahmoud Salman

Mahmoud Abdallah

Asma’ Ammar

Susanne Salloum

Tamim Ahmad

Ahmad M. Ahmad

Shaban Wassouf

Suleiman Ali

Hussam Wakkaf

Habib Mohammad

Nidal Sa’id

Maher Ismail

Jamileh Barakat

Nidal S. Salamah

Rouba Haddad

Adel Masoud

Abeer Mohammad

Nahla Abbas

(Facebook / 05.02.2012)

News from Syria 05.02.2012 II

Another video of the heavy clashes in Idlib. Continuous machine gunfire – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX3iAdG1rp0&feature=youtu.be Let’s hope FSA will be victorious.

Video showing sounds of very strong clashes in Idlib –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CqeSkemI-o&feature=youtu.beVery heavy gunfire

Morale of FSA soldiers is higher than ever. “Come and get us Maher, we are ready.”

#SNC: Stop UR political embellishment You need to provide 100% support for #Syria n Free Army.There is no political outcome only military

FSA is carrying out a massive attack in Idlib, Attacking the main base for the regime in the city

11 policemen defect in Idlib and join the Free Syrian Army

#Syria n Free Army: You need to establish contact with #Iraqiinsurgents. They will be more than happy to destroy the oil pipeline

#Dummar #Damascus #Syria – 5th feb 2012 large anti government demonstration in the dummar area of damascus this evening

#LCC#Idlib: Violent clashes between the #FSA and the regime’s army at several areas in the city. #Syria

America, do you really think that a man who has killed thousands of his people to stay if power will step down if you ask him nicely?

It’s nice to see countries like Qatar, France and Turkey giving us vocal support, but that will not change anything on the ground

The Arab world sees Turkey as a role model. We all want to be as rich, strong and stable as you. Actually do something to help us

I like you Erdogan. I respect you. But please don’t warn the regime not to commit another Hama massacre but then ignore the events in Homs

Reports from many pages on FB say that #Assad‘s army is trying to deceive activists by raising independence flag on several buildings.#Syria

I wish the news networks wouldn’t censor violent images. There is no blur covering the gore for people seeing this every day in Syria

Abbas, Mashaal agree to form unity government

Maan News Agency | Febr 5, 2012
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas chief-in-exile Khalid Mashaal agreed to form a unity government during a Sunday meeting in the Qatari capital.

A source from the meeting, who wished to remain anonymous, told Ma’an that the Palestinian leaders agreed to form an interim government which will be responsible for preparing parliamentary and presidential elections.

The meeting was held in the presence of Qatar’s Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa and was clear and concise, the source said.

A meeting will be held late Sunday to discuss candidates to head the government, according to the source.

Secretary-general of Fatah Revolutionary Council Amin Maqboul said last week that failure to appoint a new cabinet is the main obstacle to holding elections and proceeding with the deal.

After the rival factions signed a reconciliation deal in May 2011, they agreed to hold elections within a year, and appoint an interim government to unite both territories. But the parties sparred for months over the candidate to lead the unity government.

After meeting in November to kickstart the stalled deal, Mashaal and Abbas indicated that elections would still be held by May 2012, but Abbas has yet to issue a presidential decree which is required three months prior to the vote.

(occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com / 05.02.2012)

Settlement guard attacks Ein El Hilwe shepherd

Mahdi Qudry Daraghmeh, Ein El HilwehMahdi Qudry Daraghmeh, Ein El HilwehOn Friday 3rd February 2012 a shepherd from Ein El Hilwe was attacked by the security guard of Rotem settlement whilst grazing his sheep on the hillside.

Mahdi Qudry Daraghmeh, 23, was approached at 11am by Didi, the security guard from Rotem, an illegal agricultural colony located on a hill near the community.

He said: ”Didi walked up to me and beat me over the head. I fell to the ground and he told me not to walk on this land again.”

On November 6, his brother Oday Daraghmeh, 18, was arrested by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) for grazing his sheep on another hill in Ein El Hilwe in a designated ‘closed military zone’.

Oday was taken 15km from where he was arrested and tied to a bench outside a military outpost using plastic cable ties.

IOF have declared the land of Ein El Hilwe, and surrounding area, a closed military zone. They use this to legally justify the forced displacement of Palestinians living there. Despite the abundance of water in the area, Palestinians are prohibited from: renovating existing structures, building new homes, running water or electricity to their homes and building community infrastructure such as schools or health clinics.

In contrast, illegal Israeli only settlements built on confiscated land are given full access to all services and government support to expand their communities.

Ein El Hilwe community

Ein El Hilwe is a Bedouin community located in the north west of the Jordan Valley. The village consists of around 130 people and is strategically located next to one of the few natural springs in the Jordan Valley that has not been confiscated by the Israeli government. The village takes its name from this spring: Ein El Hilwe (Sweet Spring). The village itself is located off of the main highway in the Jordan Valley, at the foot of surrounding hills. Taken out of context of the Israeli occupation, Ein El Hilwe would be a picturesque manifestation of simplicity and tranquillity. The spring provides enough clean water for the whole village and the land is fertile, good for crops and also grazing the villagers’ animals.

Unfortunately for the residents of the community, Ein El Hilwe is surrounded by five illegal Israeli settlements and is situated in a designated military firing area. One of these settlements, Maskyiot stands on the top of the small hill which directly over-looks the main area of the village. Maskyiot settlers are notoriously violent and regular attacks on the community are perpetrated by the settlers with impunity. As Maskiyot has expanded in recent years, they have worked hand-in-hand with the Israeli army to pressurise Palestinians to leave the area. The spring is watched by the setters and the Palestinian villagers’ are attacked when they try to access it.  The animals owed by Palestinians in Ein El Hilwe are not allowed to roam in the areas outside the centre of the village, and the farmers whose animals do stray are fined and sometimes the animals are confiscated by the Israeli Army. The village has been demolished in the past and its inhabitants are still living under the constant threat of demolition.

(www.jordanvalleysolidarity.org / 05.02.2012)

Syrische oppositie wil steun wereld

BEIROET – De Syrische oppositie heeft de internationale gemeenschap zondag gevraagd om ‘politieke en economische steun voor de revolutie’. De Amerikaanse minister van buitenlandse zaken Hillary Clinton riep ‘de vrienden van een democratisch Syrië’ op zich te verenigen en de strijd aan te binden met het bewind van president Bashar Assad.

Zaterdag blokkeerden Rusland en China een resolutie die Syrië zou verplichten het vredesplan van de Arabische Liga uit te voeren. De oppositie vreest dat het vredesplan daardoor krachteloos is geworden en de Syrische regering de gelegenheid aangrijpt om af te rekenen met haar tegenstanders.

Honderden aanhangers van de regering-Assad gingen zondag in Damascus de straat op om Rusland en China dank te betuigen. ”Dankjewel, China en Rusland, voor het ondermijnen van de westerse samenzwering tegen ons land”, jubelde de 24-jarige lerares Nibal Hmeid. Ze sprak de hoop uit dat de president nu ‘beslissend en met militaire middelen tegen die gewapende misdadigers’ zal optreden. De Syrische staatskrant Tishreen bezwoer zondag dat de regering de strijd zal voortzetten tot de orde is hersteld.

De Syrische Nationale Raad, de koepelorganisatie van de oppositie, zoekt onderwijl naar een alternatieve oplossing voor de politieke crisis in het land. ”Het veto is niet het einde van de wereld. De revolutie gaat door en zal met Gods hulp overwinnen”, verzekerde kopstuk Radwan Ziadeh op zijn Facebookpagina.

Ziadeh riep landen die voor de afgewezen resolutie hebben gestemd op een bondgenootschap te vormen om de Syrische omwenteling te steunen. De Verenigde Staten, Frankrijk en een reeks Arabische landen voelen wel voor zo’n coalitie, verwacht hij.

De Amerikaanse minister van buitenlandse zaken Hillary Clinton zinspeelde in de Bulgaarse hoofdstad op zo’n coalitie. Het dubbele veto op de VN-resolutie, dat Clinton een ‘wanvertoning’ noemde, maakt het in haar ogen noodzakelijk te handelen buiten de VN om. Bronnen bij de Amerikaanse regering voorzien een samenwerkingsverband dat het Syrische regime middels sancties in haar bewegingsvrijheid beperkt, de oppositie samenbrengt en humanitaire hulp verleent.

De tegenstanders van het regime-Assad bedienden zich lang van vreedzame middelen, maar steeds vaker nemen naar de oppositie overgelopen militairen de wapens op tegen het leger. De bevelhebber van het zogeheten Vrije Syrische Leger zei zondag dat hem door het uitblijven van VN-ingrijpen geen andere keus restte dan de gewapende strijd. Het Russische en Chinese veto heeft volgens Riad al-Asaad niet alleen de oppositie, maar het hele Syrische volk getroffen.

De oppositie roept de internationale gemeenschap vooralsnog niet op het Vrije Syrische Leger te steunen. Zo’n oproep ligt erg gevoelig. Als de oppositie voor gewapend verzet kiest dreigt Syrië volgens velen in een burgeroorlog te geraken.

Zondag raakte het zogeheten Vrije Syrische Leger volgens activisten slaags met regeringstroepen in de noordwestelijke provincie Idlib en het zuidelijke Daraa. In Idlib zouden negen regeringssoldaten zijn gesneuveld.

(www.nd.nl /05.02.2012)

News from Syria 05.02.2012

#Syria – 5th feb 2012 defection of religious men from the government and declaration that they are with the revolution

Woman injured from the shelling in Baba Amr

#Mahambal #Idlib #Syria – 5th feb 2012 general strike in the mahambal area of idlib this afternoo

At least 31 people have been killed in #Syria today, including 5 children and 3 women: Revolution Council

Colonel defects in Homs and joins the Free Syrian Arm

Attack helicopters are now being used against residents in Khaldiyah

#Khaldiyah #Homs #Syria – 5th feb 2012 military aircraft opening fire in the khaldiyeh area of homs right now

Two injured men in Inshaa’t cannot be reached due to gunfire

300 bags of blood have been used so far in the Baba Amr field hospital. So many injured

Dear Russia and China, once the people take power, we will rape you diplomatically. Enjoy seeing full support for Taiwain and Chechenya

#BabaAmr: Violent shelling by Assad forces on houses, clear destruction of the inside of a house. #Homs #Homs

@iyad_elbaghdadi How is that boy conscious? How can #china and #Russia be unconscious?

#daraya #Damascus #Syria – 5th feb 2012 regime forces storm daraya area of damascus and spread snipers

Turkish diplomats: Syrian army defections exceed 40,000

I miss the days when security forces used to use tear gas and sticks with us. They only use bullets now

Settlers raid Ramallah village, vandalize property

Settlers vandalized cars and a house in al-Janiya village near Ramallah on Saturday night, residents said.
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Settlers attacked a Ramallah village overnight Saturday, breaking into a house and vandalizing village property.

Ismail Mazloum said that settlers from the nearby settlement of Talmon raided the village, vandalized his car and wrote racist slogans on walls in al-Janiya village, official news agency Wafa reported.

“Once the village’s residents were alerted of the settlers’ presence, they fled toward the settlement,” Wafa quoted Mazloum as saying.

“Wait for us, we are coming back,” and other slogans insulting Islam and calling for “revenge” were sprayed in the village.

Some Jewish settlers in the West Bank have adopted a “price tag” policy, attacking Palestinians and their property in retaliation for perceived anti-settler actions by the Israeli government.

Settler attacks in the West Bank against Palestinians increased by more than 50 percent in 2011, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Some 500,000 Israelis live in Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. There are about 2.5 million Palestinians in the same territory. All settlements are illegal under international law.

(www.maannews.net / 05.02.2012)

Situation in Syrian city of Homs

Syrian government forces have bombarded the city of Homs with artilleryshells and mortars, killing more than 200 people, opposition groups say.

Activists accused the military of massacring women and children in the worst violence in 11 months of unrest.
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Syrian Local Coordination Committees both said the death toll had exceeded 200 after shelling began late on Friday.
The Syrian National Council, an umbrella group for Syria’s opposition factions, said 260 people had died and accused government forces of “randomly bombing residential areas”.
“The Syrian National Council calls on everyone around the world to speak up and do something to stop the bloodshed of innocent Syrians,” it said in a statement.
Homs was one of the first cities to join anti-Assad protests, and became one of the focal points of dissent after government forces fired on crowds in April last year. Many army defectors have sought refuge in the city.
According to BBC News “Activists said most of the deaths were in the residential area of Khalidiya.
Reports said a hospital had been destroyed in Khalidiya, and residents said more than 30 houses had been wrecked in the barrage.
“We were sitting inside our house when we started hearing the shelling. We felt shells were falling on our heads,” Khalidiya resident Waleed told Reuters news agency.
Video footage emerged on the internet showing several bodies covered in blood with a voiceover saying the bombardment was still going on.
Activists said most of the casualties were in the Khalidiya quarter of Homs, which they said came under massive bombardment by security forces in the middle of the night.
They said victims were still being dug out of the rubble of collapsed buildings. Video posted on the internet showed many bodies sprawled in pools of blood.
The reasons for the sudden reported escalation weren’t immediately clear. Parts of Homs have become virtually no-go areas for government forces, with rebel fighters from the Free Syrian Army well entrenched.
But the reports of a flare-up talked about shelling from fixed positions, rather than an advance by state forces trying to regain control”.
A draft UN resolution is still under discussion, with Russia indicating it is still not happy with the wording.
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday that Moscow had tabled amendments for the resolution at the UN.
A vote had been expected to take place later, but Mr Lavrov said it would be a “scandal” to ask the council to vote on the resolution in its current form.
Russia is Syria’s main ally on the council, and has said it will veto any resolution calling on President Bashar al-Assad to stand down.
(www.sunni-news.net  / 05.02.2012)

Happy Birthday, Dear Vittorio (RIP)

Submitted by Shahd Abusalama on Sun, 02/05/2012 – 00:43

Vittorio Arrigoni, on Flickr

My drawing for Vittorio Arrigoni

(Shahd Abusalama)

As I realized today’s date, the 4th of February, a stream of memories flooded into my mind. Today, last year, marked my dear friend Vittorio Arrigoni’s last birthday I spent with him.

I remember it was a nice, rainy Friday. I felt happy to be rich, having just gotten my $1,000 share from YouthSchool for my work on the Gaza 2011 calendar “All I Want Is Peace”. My best friend Adie Mormech, an English activist who spent a year in Gaza working with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), reminded me that it was Vik’s birthday. That day, Vik missed the Friday lunch, to which he always looked forward. I knew about Vik’s stress regarding his father’s deteriorating health, and that it was a reason he didn’t join us for lunch. He would always say “Zaki”, delicious, as his gentle but funny way of thanking Mum for the food that was fondly ranked by “his majesty” as the best in Gaza.

Having not seen him, and being worried about him, I decided to surprise him by going to the ISM office where he and the other ISMers (Adie, Inge, Vera, and Silvia) were gathering. It was already night when I left home for Mazaj, the cake shop Vik preferred, and it was raining heavily. But it was worth getting wet for the sake of Vik’s smile and the fun I expected to have when I arrived at the office. I got the cake and hurried with excitement to meet Vik and my other friends. I couldn’t wait to tell him about the greetings that his friends from Italy had told me to send him, and to put the smile on his face that always sent warmth and happiness to everyone around him.

Vera, an ISM activist from Germany, welcomed me as I knocked on the door. When she saw the excitement on my face and the cake I carried, she whispered, “It’s not the right time for a party now. Vik is sad.”

My happy features turned sad. I left the bag by the entrance and went to look for Vik. He sat in the living room alone as Vera had told me. The curtain that separated the two sitting rooms, which were open to each other, was pulled down. I felt like even the house looked sad. I wanted to check on Vik, though. After asking him if I could come in, I sat next to him on the purple couch for a couple of minutes of silence. “I hope you’re OK,” I said while pressing his hand. “I’m worried for my father,” he said. “He’s going to have an operation that might reveal a terminal illness.”

He knew that if it did not go well, his father would not have long to live. As I remember this, I think of how ridiculous and unpredictable this life is. Back then, who would have ever expected that Vik would die before his father did?

Vittorio was torn between two concerns at the center of his life: his attachment to Palestine, and his father and family’s need for his support. Each thought was more pressing than the other. Then suddenly, “Strong Vik” could no longer control his tears. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing Vik cry. Vik has been always a symbol of strength, humanity, and inspiration for me. He always will be. At the time, I felt confused and didn’t know how to act. With spontaneity, I hugged him, as I thought getting a hug in such difficult times might help more than my words. I cried along with him, too.

Then Vik learned about the cake I brought. He didn’t want to disappoint me and all my plans. He reached deep inside himself for strength to bring smiles back to the faces of his friends, smiled at me, then shouted to all the others, “Yalla, let’s have some cake”. That’s how caring Vik was; he always wanted to be a reason for everyone to smile, but never for anyone to cry. He could easily shift the atmosphere from gloomy to so happy, so much that I didn’t want to go back home.

I remember my memories from your birthday last year and oh, dear Vittorio, you can’t imagine how much I wish I could tell you how much I miss you and joke with you like we used to do.  I miss you even though I strongly feel your presence with me, like you never left us.  Every Friday that has passed without you, I’ve wished you would come for lunch, your smile lighting the room as you walked through the door.

I wish you could see my drawing that’s dearest to me. It’s your portrait that you always nagged me to make, but never got to see. I am certain that no matter how many more drawing I have produced and will produce, yours will be my favorite. Not only because of my skill, and the love that I put into it, but because, somehow, part of your beautiful soul attached itself to this painting.

As you look down from paradise, on all of us here, I offer you this drawing. I hope it brings you as much joy as you always brought us.  I miss you Vittorio. I love you, Vittorio. You will live forever in my heart and in the hearts of all Palestinians, who owe you so much. We’ll keep celebrating your birthday every year and you’ll continue to inspire us, adding more humanity to the world. Rest in Peace, dear Vik. Stay human!

Watch Palestinian Youth’s tribute for Vittorio Arrigoni—Onadekom ( Calling You ) – DARG Team

Islam en Politiek

De laatste tijd is het weer het gesprek op de sociale media, of Islam en politiek wel samen gaan, of democratie past binnen de Islam, maar vooral of men zich mag bemoeien met de politiek, vooral in niet-moslim landen.  Moslims die tegen politiek bedrijven zijn, gaan vaak terug naar de Heilige Qur’an en de overlevering van de Profeet Mohammed (vrede zij met hem ), echter ook de voorstanders zeggen hun gelijk te halen uit dezelfde woorden.
Ligt het verschil nu in de interpretatie van de woorden of in de uitvoering door heersers en politici, m.a.w. het vertrouwen in de leiders? Zeker nu gezien in het kader van de opstanden (door het westen aangeduid als de Arabische lente) in de verschillende Arabische landen tegen de jarenlange onderdrukking van dictators die de uitspraken van de Qur’an aan hun laarzen hebben gelapt.

In de Qur’an (38:26) kunnen we lezen:

”O David, waarlijk, Wij hebben u tot een regeerder in het land gemaakt. Derhalve, oordeel tussen de mensen met rechtvaardigheid…”

wat inhoudt dat de leiders rechtvaardig moeten zijn, geen vriendjespolitiek moeten voeren. Dit kunnen ze alleen maar doen, als de leiders opkomen voor alle mensen, geen eigen belang nastreven en oprecht en transparant werken. Tevens als een moslimleider zich houdt aan datgene wat er beschreven is en wat in goed fatsoen gedaan moet worden. Dat brengt met zich mee dat leiders een dubbele verantwoordingsplicht hebben, eerst tegenover Allah en daarna tegenover het volk. Profeet Mohammed (vrede zij met hem) heeft de niet rechtvaardige leiders een waarschuwing gegeven:

“Een publieke functie is iets wat je toevertrouwd wordt en iets wat op de Dag der Opstanding schande en spijt veroorzaakt, behalve voor degene die haar met gevoel voor rechtvaardigheid aanvaardt en de erbij behorende verplichtingen vervult.”

Daarnaast gebiedt de Islam dat te allen tijde de juiste mensen op de juiste posten worden geplaatst. Hieruit zou men kunnen lezen dat een groep deskundigen buiten het bestuur blijft (nl. de verliezers tijdens verkiezingen), terwijl ze wel degelijk een bijdrage kan leveren aan de opbouw van het land.

Qur’an 4:58 spreekt over rechtvaardigheid:

“Waarlijk, God gebiedt u toevertrouwde goederen terug te geven aan degenen die ze waardig zijn en dat, wanneer u tussen de mensen recht spreekt, u met rechtvaardigheid recht spreekt.”

Volgens de oplevering zou hier bedoeld worden, een leider te kiezen, die niet waardig is om te regeren. Zo iemand zou de rijkdommen van een natie kunnen verspillen. Hierbij kan men denken aan de dictators, die zich absoluut zich geen moer aantrekken van de positie van het volk.  Daarentegen dient de minderheid na de verkiezing zich neer te leggen bij de uitslag en mee te werken aan net behartigen van het belang van het volk. Dit valt te lezen in Qur’an 3:105:

“En wees niet als degenen die verdeeld en onenig werden, nadat duidelijke bewijsgronden tot hen waren gekomen, en dit zijn degenen die een zware kastijding zullen hebben.”

Tevens kan hierin gelezen worden, dat men een verantwoording heeft als men gekozen is en dus tijdens vergaderingen niet kan en mag wegblijven.
Tenslotte, tijdens verkiezingen worden beloftes gedaan, die niet vervuld worden of na de verkiezingen worden verbroken, vaak om macht of posten te krijgen, dus eigen belang. In de Qur’an 16:94 staat beschreven hoe hier over gedacht wordt:

 “En maak uw eden niet tot een middel tot bedrog tussen u, opdat een voet niet uitglijdt na zijn vastheid en u het kwade smaakt, omdat u zich van Gods weg hebt afgewend, en een zware kastijding uw deel zal zijn.”

Concluderend: politiek werd al in de tijd van de Profeet Mohammed (vrede zij met hem) bedreven, sterker nog: de eerste geschreven grondwet was die van Medina. Als men verwijst naar de Qur’an om uit te leggen hoe men om moet gaan met politiek, wordt geadviseerd om bovenstaande  teksten er eens naast te leggen en de overlevering van de profeet erop na te slaan. Daarnaast voor diegenen die denken leider te moeten zijn: wees een leider, maar wel een die goed is voor ‘zijn’ volk, wees eerlijk en oprecht, kom je beloftes na, overleg met de achterban, wees zuiver in de motieven en ga nooit voor het eigenbelang.

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