Israeli Soldiers Drive Tractor Over Palestinian’s Legs

Israeli Soldiers Drive Tractor Over Worker’s Legs to Stop Palestinians from Building a House on Their (Occupied) Lands

‘Today is the Sabbath, and I pray with all my heart that all American Zionists see the pictures below and tell me how an ideology of Jewish separatism that has deprived several million Palestinians of any rights can be justified in today’s world.
Two days ago a brave and noble Palestinian man — we don’t know his name– was building a house in the occupied West Bank when Israeli soldiers told the Palestinians they could not build on their land. The village is al-Dirat near Hebron– Area C, under Israeli control.
The man refused to move. The Israeli army drove a tractor over his legs. The tractor belonged to the Palestinians. The Israeli army had seized it. The man was hospitalized.’

( / 30.01.2012)

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