News form Syria 16.01.2012

And they are shooting at homes for no reason, which is also very shocking. What kind of sick child enjoys shooting at homes?

Very important video leaked from Assad’s army showing a child shooting shooting with the soldiers. WTF?

#Daraa Intermittent Gunfire in the eastern part of town

#Damascus Douma Sounds of two explosions from the side of Makaser road

#Damascus Hajar Aswad A total close of Thawra street and Freedom Square security went on arbitrary arrests and raided houses

#Damascus Hajar Aswad sec forces are firing directly at the protesters to disperse the demo

#Damascus Hajar Aswad A demo started in Freedom Square Participants chanted for the besieged cities and the regimes’ ouster

#Lattakia A demo started in Tabiyat area and chants for the besieged cities and toppling the regime

#Aleppo Maskanah The soldier Sattam Khaleel Al-Qabiyeh was killed in Jabal Al-Zawiya for refusing to shoot at protestors

#Damascus Medan A demo strated from the Sahaba Mosque heading to the Jazamtiye market and chants for toppling the regime

#Damascus Zakia An evening demo got out in solidarity with Zabadany Protestors chanted for toppling the regime

Hasaka Intensive shooting in Ghwiran area by security forces

62 #Damascus Zabadany New military movement by brigade 62 which is centered in Jdaidet Yabus towards Zabadani by around 20 tanks

#Homs Two RPG shells trageted Deir Baalba launched by the thugs (Shabeha) in Abbaseyi area and were followed by intensive gunfire

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