Algeria Always Backed Up Palestine, Works to End Blockade On Gaza, Haniya


The Hamas leader, prime minister of Gaza, Ismail Haniya says in this interview with Echorouk that Algeria is still playing a key role in terms of backing up the Palestinian cause, adding that the Arab League budget destined for the reconstruction of Gaza has been seized by Palestine President, Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen.

“Algeria is a big nation, she has known the meaning of occupation, and she scarified martyrs to get back her independence, and this is the secret behind the existing harmonious bilateral relations between Algeria and Palestine. Algeria is keeping providing political, economic and humanitarian back up to the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian cause in general,” Mr Haniya said, adding “Nobody can deny the role of Algeria in the war of 1973 against the Zionist enemy; and she is still working amid a united Arab position that calls for ending the unfair blockade on Gaza, in addition to her recurrent participations in humanitarian aid convoys to the Strip.”

Gaza reconstruction budget taken by Abu Mazen!

Mr Haniya further accused President Mahmoud Abbas of taking for himself the 35 million USD which had been blocked for four years, because Egypt was rejecting transferring them to Hamas leaders, as part of the reconstruction plan of Gaza.

The Hamas leader explained that the Secretary General of the AL, Nabil al-Arabi, told him that the 35 million USD budget was allotted three months ago to President Mahmoud Abbas, on the base of an agreement among the Palestinian factions. He added that “I explained to Mr al Arabi that there has been no Palestinian accord, as Hamas was not part of any consultations over such an issue.”

Peoples can liberate al-Aqsa

As for the Arab Spring, the FM of Gaza government said “This wind of change that blew on the region and the peoples who managed to liberate themselves from tyranny will for sure be able to liberate al-Aqsa Mosque and all of Palestine, as well as break the blockade on Gaza,” adding “I concluded such a feeling during the Arab tour I’ve been conducting these days.”

Al-Quds at stake

Mr Haniya further rang the alarm vis-à-vis the deteriorating situation of the city of al-Quds (Jerusalem), which is enduring a wide and rude Judaization and conversion process, through which the occupation forces are demolishing houses in an attempt to isolate the area from its Arab and Islamic natural environment. He said that the issue was on the top of the discussions agenda with leaders in Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia and Turkey, during his tour in the region. “We told them that two essential steps are required on both Islamic and Arab levels: providing financial support to back up the resistance of al-Quds residents against the Barbary of the colonial forces, and a strong political position that stresses on the fact that al-Quds is the capital city of Palestine.

The emergence of Islamists a bless

The Hamas senior official evoked also the repercussions of the Arab Spring which paved the way to Islamists to take power in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. “The emergence of the Islamist movement will for sure contribute in lifting the blockade on Gaza, while the political map of the region will change for the benefit of the Palestinian cause,” he concluded.

( / 16.01.2012)

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