Gaza needs 100,000 housing units

JEDDAH, (PIC)– The Gaza Strip is in need of 100000 new housing units following the Israeli war on the coastal enclave, the organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) said in its monthly report on the humanitarian condition in Gaza on Sunday.

The organization called on member countries to expedite assistance to the reconstruction of devastated homes in Gaza and the construction of new units, pointing to the six years of Israeli siege, which, it said, contributed to the worsening of the housing shortage in the Strip.

Thousands of families are still homeless, the report said, adding that 350 housing units were rebuilt while 600 others are under construction.

The OIC pointed out that even before the Israeli war on Gaza three years ago 3600 housing units were destroyed in previous incursions and raids on the Strip, adding that the owners are either living with their relatives or in rented houses.

( / 15.01.2012)

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