News of Syria 14.01.2012

#Arab military intervention in #Syria will not stop the bloodshed, it will aggravate it. #SyriaBleeds

After the farce military #Arab intervention in #Lebanon#Hafez used that as an excuse or precursor for his army to intervene in #Lebanon.

We will not give up #Syria to pro-regime #Alawites#SyriaBleeds #AssadWillHang

The Emir of #Qatar needs some education in #Arab affairs. Any #Arab military intervention will turn it into a party in the conflict. #Syria

(01-14-12) Al-Sakhna | #Homs | Moment of Arrival of Arab League Observers

(01-14-12) Douma | #Damascus | BBC at Funeral Procession of Martyr Mahmoud Shaikh Araby

(01-14-12) Bab Houd|#Homs|Teacher & Martyr AbdelMu’imin Mandu, Shot by Sniper While at Home

(01-14-12) Saraqib | #Idlib | The Brave Welcome the Observers

Syrian forces kill at least five people near Lebanese border (DPA)

Reports from Idlib say the Saraqeb observers are actually quite nice. They are listening to people and documenting. That’s a first

@ArabSpringFF wtf are the observers still doing there?? fucking observing?? havent they ‘observed’ enough?

Protesters in Saraqeb surrounded the observers so the regime forces could not see them, meaning that the regime forces still attacked them

Five people were injured in the presence of the Arab League observers in Saraqeb. They then went to the hospital where they saw more wounded

A mass sit-in in Saraqeb began marching towards an army checkpoint but were fired on in the presence of the observers

Arab Observers committee went to Saraqeb today. The head of the committee burst into tears as he heard the story of a mother of a martyr

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