Miles of Smiles Aid Convoy (8) in Gaza

After many delays
Miles of Smiles Aid Convoy (8) in Gaza



Gaza, (–Miles of smiles convoy 8 arrives at the Gaza Strip via Rafah border crossing on Saturday evening, after being repeatedly hampered in Sinai due to Egypt elections.

Dr. Isam Yusuf, the convoy coordinator, said that “30 Activists from Tunis, Morocco, Bahrain, Jordan, Algeria, France, Poland and Britain are only allowed to enter Cairo, while the remaining are exempt for they do not hold passports”.

They carry medicine worth 3 million Egyptian pounds ($497,000) as well as ambulances and cars adapted for people with disabilities, Dr.Yusuf indicated.

The activists traveled with the convoy to witness difficult situations Gazans live in and the ruthless practices of Israeli occupation against them and to show solidarity with Palestinians and to break Israel’s illegal siege of the enclave.

( / 14.01.2012)

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