Israeli fighter details 1948 genocide

A former Israeli soldier has revealed Israel’s atrocities, ethnic cleansing, massacres, colonization and racism carried out against Palestinians in the 1948 war.

In a video testimony, Amnon Neumann said that he participated in the expulsion of unarmed Palestinians from their villages in southern Israel.

Admitting his crimes, Neumann described that he helped kill people, burn the villages, and chase off women and children.

“This is very clear. We came to inherit the land. Who do you inherit from? If the land is empty you inherit it from no one. The land was not empty when we inherited it,” he said.

The Israeli veteran, who was a former Palmach fighter, said the reason for the Nakba of 1948 was “the Zionist ideology.”

“Like all ultranationalist movements, Zionism requires the murder and expulsion of people and the destruction of all evidence of their existence. Those not destroyed must be permanently subjugated by the ethnicity in charge,” he explained.

Israel’s 1948 occupation of Palestine, known as the Nakba Day or “the day of the catastrophe” displaced some 700,000 Palestinians, forcing them to flee to different countries.

Tel Aviv is unwilling to compromise on the right of return for Palestinian refugees of the 1948 war and their descendants.

Palestinians have long asserted that the refugees have a moral and legal right to return to the lands they were forced to abandon during the Israeli-Arab wars in 1948 and 1967.

(Sat Dec 31, 2011 / / 13.01.2012)

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