News of Syria 11.01.2012

Assad brings his shabbihas to #Damascus & force public sector workers to rally with them so that he can fool the world with his lies. #Syria

Assad is becoming more and more Gaddafi-fied by the day.

( ) #DeirEzzor death of Imad Dreibi Ahmar from an injury he suffered yesterday

#DeirEzzor Qouriyah Heavy random gunfire from the checkpoints that are spread in the city towards houses

====== The charlatan speaks filth again. ==== #Syria #SyriaBleeds

1st western journalist was killed in #Syria-n upraising by 1st attack on pro #Assad rally in #Homs was in 1st media group allowed by regime!

Aleppo A demo in Marjeh area got out as a condemnation to Assad speech Protestors chanted for freedom and regime’s ouster

#DeirEzzor Many snipers centered on high buildings in Takaya street and curfew deployed in the city

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