News from Syria 10.01.2012

#Damascus Midan A night demo went out in Nahr Aisha chanting and was faced by live ammunition and teargas grenades

#Damascus Noise campaign started in Basateen area in Mazzeh

Captain Muhannad Al-Abdullah with a group of soldiers defect and join Free Syria Army

#DeirEzzor Heavy gunfire in the region of Hamidiya and clashes continue in most regions of the city

#Idlib An aircraft flying over the Military Security area near Areha

#Hama Intensive shooting was heard in Masha’ south of playground

#Idlib: Saraqeb: The military shot three artillery shells on a sit-in for the fourth time, resulting in injuries. The sit-in continues.

Assad giving a speech with his hands stained with the blood of the Syrian people


Pro-Assad on opposing views is being uncivil by not letting the other guy speak. Act like an adult for fucks sake.

Barzah | #Damascus | Amazing night protests “Freedom forever”

#Daraa | Night freedom protests in Naseib

#Daraa Busr Al Harir sec forces ordered their elements on the checkpoints to arrest anyone who didn’t pay the electricity bill

#DeirEzzor A huge explosion was heard and intensive shooting afterward in Al-Harakeh area near Al-Noor hospital

#Homs death of Mahmoud Hussein Kheiro by his injuries which he got by sec forces shooting at a demo this afternoon

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