We did it!

2012 will be the year when Ni’lin replanted all olive trees destroyed by the Israeli army since the construction of the wall reached the village in 2008. By replanting the trees, planning for years to come, the people of Ni’lin are sending a simple but strong message to the settlers, Israel and the world: We are here to stay.

The funding was secured by the joint donations from 232 persons in 30 countries, and the target was reached during the final days of 2011. This also sends a strong message to people all over the world, that the worldwide support and solidarity with the Palestinian people is not a power to ignore. Step by step, 7 Euro by 7 Euro, the funding has been secured by ordinary people in an united cause.

We are also very happy to announce that a Swedish non-profit-importer of Olive oil, Jord & Frihet (Land and Liberty), have decided to make a donation to cover transactions, transports and unexpected costs up to 1 000 Euro. If you live in Sweden, visit their website to order Palestinian olive oil bottles or to find out where to get it.

Finally, we are now preparing for the replanting in the end of this month. We will provide more information on the replanting very shortly. Please contact us if you’re interested in volunteering.


Saeed Amireh & Niklas Berg

(replantpalestine.org / 09.01.2012)

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