Dr Amer: The countdown to a new Israeli war on Gaza started

GAZA, (PIC)– Specialist in Israeli affairs and political analyst Dr. Adnan Abu Amer said the countdown to new military aggression against the Gaza Strip started, but when this war would happen is not yet decided by the Israeli occupation regime.

Dr. Amer made his remarks in a political symposium held on Sunday in Al-Omah university in Gaza.

“I think the occupation is busy now more than ever mulling over the timeline for a military campaign that seems to be closer,” the specialist in Israeli affairs stated.

He explained that the Israeli occupation, through its war threats, has sent several messages to the Arabs and the first of them is political.

“The regional changes, the occupation’s losing of more allies after the Arab spring and its military and security exposure have made it to live in a state of panic. The Israeli decision-maker wants to regain the balance he has lost and send a message that the war is not directed against Gaza and its resistance but against the political region around Gaza which changed greatly,” the specialist added.

The second message is related to the Israeli intelligence concern about the growing capabilities of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and its thirst to explore them, the specialist elaborated.

“The enemy will not stand up for the growing development of the resistance which has turned from guerrilla groups to a regular army, so it wants to test the weapons of the resistance and the level it has reached.”

For his part, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum, who took part in the symposium, said his Movement is geared up to confront any new Israeli aggression against Gaza.

“We are prepared for the war and deal with the Israeli treats at the same time as a psychological warfare,” spokesman Barhoum stated.

The spokesman stressed that the competition between Israeli leaders are based on who can inflict the biggest losses among the Palestinians.

“An Israeli leader cannot run for elections before his track record is examined to see if he is a killer or a politician, and of course if he is a killer he will win the elections,” he added.

(occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com / 09.01.2012)

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