News of Syria 07.01.2012

Dameer | Damascus | Martyr ‘Alaa Hussein Al-Saraqbi Murdered by Assad Forces

Zabadani | Damascus | Funeral Procession of Marty Samir Daalati Murdered by Assad Forces

Idlib | The Brave Continue to Cause Noise, Message to the Baath Regime: GO!

Barza | Damascus | Your Silence is Killing Us, We Only Have God

Khan Sabeel | Idlib | Syria is Free, Down with Bashar

Al-Houle | Homs | The People Want a No Fly Zone, May God Curse Your Soul Assad

Halfaya | Hama | O Bashar You Snake

Hasakeh A demo went out in Salhieh area and demonstrators were beaten by shabiha when they raised slogans demanding

#Idlib Ram Hamdan A massive demo started with the participation of the neighboring towns in solidarity with the besieged cities

#Daraa Nouaimeh A demo went out demanding the Arab League observers to see the situation in the town and chanting

#Homs Demonstrators blocked the streets in Waer area as part of Strike for Dignity activities

#Homs death of Mohammad Arnous of his wounds after he was injured by a Mortar projectile in Asheera area

Banyas Baida sec. forces are raidng the house of Ahmad Al-Haj Ali Bayyasi digging work around the house

Aleppo Armored vehicles are positioned in front of Assad Academy and branch 486 sec. forces are establishing berms in front of them

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