News of Syria 07.01.2012 II

27 dead in Syria including one child. 13 in Idlib. 8 in Homs. 5 in Damascus and one in Hama. #Syria RIP.

#Hama Sounds of intensive shooting were heard in Ahmideya district and south of playground

Homs: Houla: Busses, and military vehicles gathered near Al-Humairi village after Aqrab town was raided today. Possible raid tomorrow too.

#Assad new strategy of treating detainees very environment friendly. Instead of wasting graveyards, put all in a security bldg & blow it up!

#Qamishli: An attempt to assasinate Kurdish patriot Abed Ahmad Mohamad elias Abdullah badour by Assad thugs. He is now in hospital.

#Damascus Douma Shooting from PKC machine-guns in the area behind the municipality

Talbeesah | Homs | Our Assad (Lion) Turned Out to be a Cockroach

#Assad regime cut off electricity most part of central #Syria-n city of #Homs while huge explosions & non-stop shooting taking place NOW

#Daraa Jassem sec. forces went on wide raid of arrests after the recent defection in the area

#Damascus Rihan A demo went on in solidarity with Douma and besieged cities. Protesters chanted for freedom and trila of the regime

#Damascus Harasta Clashes between Free Syrian army and Assad’s military forces after funerals of martyrs ceremony finished

#DeirEzzor Sporadic gunfire shooting in the Dahiya area and the Wadi (valley) street in the Jora area

Aleppo Atareb An evening demo in Bsartoon in solidarity with the besieged cities and chants for freedom and the regime’s ouster

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