Muslim, change the world, start with yourself (3)

I don’t want to preach, because I am not a preacher, I am just a simple man, who wants to give your some thoughts for this week. I have had this week some questions about the intention, the moral about Islam.

Let me say so: Islam is peace, is to take care for the people, is to respect , but we the people, the Muslims we have to act like that. We have to show it: be respectful, take care of our parents and our children, be a brother or sister for the one who need it, be respectful for the people of the Book, this means the people who believe, Christians, Jews and Muslims.
Stay away from violence, murdering people, suicide, weapons, extremism,  drugs and alcohol. All these things are not good and forbidden. If we act as a Muslim, we have to take distance of all these things.

Important on the other hand is that we have to have respect for our brothers and sisters in Islam. Why we say that a Sunni or a Shi’ite is better or worse than us? This is not the intention of the Islam, because it is written in the Qur’an that we don’t look for separation between groups of Islam, but that we are one in our beliefs. Act so, and have respect for the other in his or her believe. It is forbidden to judge about the religion of the other, that only Allah can do. I do not want to judge about your religion, I cannot, but I can judge you for your words or your deeds. And you have the right to judge me for my words and my deeds, my acts.

Furthermore, you know what the most important difference is between the Christians and the Muslims? It is the position of Jesus; in Christianity Jesus is the Son of God, for the Muslims Isa is a prophet. So why do we people, just look for the differences, always the negative approximation. Let us go for the agreements. That is the positive way to change the world and starting with ourselves, with me. Maybe it is difficult to say me, but try it … say it … when I want to change the world, than I have to get a positive idea for it and I have to make a contribution too for that.

I think strongly  that we all have to read, the Quran again, to read, to learn, to teach and to explain again to the people, but with a positive intention, the positive feelings of love and peace, with respect for the other. And when there are people in our neighborhood who cannot read, than we have the duty to teach and explain these brothers and sisters the right things about Qur’an and Islam.

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