News from Syria 05.01.2012 II

Aleppo A campaign of deafening noise is taking place all over the Farqan area.

Idlib | Defectors attack and kill a number of Assad soldiers

Idlib | More defectors join Free Syria Army

#Idlib: The security forces are raiding some parts of the town and shooting live ammunition randomly

#Syria #Homs: Al-Khalidiyah neighborhood mass sit-in is still ongoing, and the numbers are in thousands

Ugarit News|| #Syria || #Latakia: pro-regime militias are using spotlights in Slaybeh, in an attempt to determine the source of noise, as the “noisy hour” has just started in the area, with people Pounding on kitchen pans and pots

#Syria #Homs: A big explosion was heard a few minutes ago in Al-Qusoor area

Lattakia: Noise sounds are all over the city. Security forces use spotlights to detect the noise sources.

Daraa: Al-Naima: The noise campaign is ongoing in the town and the security forces are firing intermittently to terrorize the participants

Zabdany shabiha thugs kidnapped a girl, leading to clashes between them and the FSA all over the city. The girl was eventually rescued

21 young men set out from Katiba village to a protest in Dael. On their way home they were ambushed by Assad forces and 20 were killed

A LOT of defections are now happening in Homs. The problem is that soldiers need to pass through checkpoints and go to Baba Amr to defect

Homs | First lieutenant Qasim Al-Khateeb announces his defection – FSA

Idlib | More defectors join Free Syria Army #Syria

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