Israeli Forces Raid Khan Yunis, Distribute 169 confiscation Orders, Selfit

On Wednesday, Israeli forces raided al-Farahin village east of Khan Yunis in Gaza Strip, and vandalised several agricultural lands, they also distributed consification orders for several agricultural lands in Salfit governarate.
Eyewitnesses said that several Israeli bulldozers raided more than 300 meters of the area, and vandalized several agricultural lands belonged to some families:  Abu Argileh, Abu Anzeh, Abu Duqeh and Tabash.
Locals said that they are afraid that the Israeli destruction processes would reach their houses and their lands, saying that the Israeli forces are used to do such cruel procedures.
In Selfit, the Israeli authorities distributed new confiscation orders for some lands in Eskaka town, East Selfit, in order to expand Ariel settlement and the Apartheid wall.
The head of the village’s council, Ali Samoudi, said that the distributed orders show the confiscation of 169 Dunums, from the three sides of the village.
Samoudi also said that the Israeli authorities increased the attacks on the villages of Salfit, especially Eskaka and Yasouf, as they attempt to confiscate huge areas of the agricultural lands for the expansion of Ariel settlement.
( / 04.01.2012)

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