News of Syria 01.01.2012 II

Idlib: Saraqeb sit it in the morning today

Aleppo: Arrival of reinforcements of security forces, the maintenance of order, ambulance, and fire to the headquarter of Criminal security branch, after failed attempts by Anas Al-Shamy a member of parliament, who promised to release the girls an hour after the end of the sit-in

Dier Ezzor: night demo in Qoria

Idlib: Jabal Zawiya: night demo in Ibleen

Hama: Night demo in Qossor

Aleppo: in an attempt to negotiate an end to the sit-in, Member of Parliament Anas Al-Shamy has arrived to initiate a dialogue with the protesters holding the sit-in in front of the Criminal Security branch in Al-Ashrafia

Idlib: a demonstration started in Thawra Street in the city. The protesters called for the overthrow of the regime

Aleppo: night demo in Anadan

Latakia: Security forces went on arbitrary arrests in Alraml Aljanoubi distirict

Damascus: Demo in Barze

Damascus Suburb: night demo in Saqba

Latakia: A huge explosion was heard in Alraml Aljanoubi district and heavy security was deplyed there

Daraa : Al-Hara : a demonstration started in the easter neighbourhood chanting for freedom and bringing the regime to justice, also demanding the Arab League observers to be objective and serious in performing their tasks

Daraa: Security forces are shooting heavily in Sabeel neighborhood, running over demonstrators, arresting the wounded, and launching campaign of raids and destruction of houses, all of this is 300 meter away from the White Rose Hotel, Which is where the observers committee members live

Damascus Suburb: night demo in Kafar Batna

Damascus : Asali : a demonstration started from the Huthaifa mosque after the night prayers in solidarity with Daraya, chanting for the downfall of the regime

Daraa: Harra: Security forces shooting at protesters

Idlib: Jabal AlZawiyah: extensive gunfire shooting at the city especially from the checkpoint at Prophet Ayoob’s incline area also shootings at Ebleen town

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