News of Syria 311211

#Homs – a demo satrted in AlKhaldieh neighborhood chanting for the besieged cities and regime’s ouste

I call on #Libyan Gov to withdraw its membership to #AL due to their DISGRACEFUL stance on #Syria .. #Libya needs to stand up & be counted

We will defeat Assad in seconds with the newly formed Free Syrian Lightsaber Army

Khalidya in Homs is now protesting in celebration of the new year. 1 martyr this year so far in Hama.

Hama: First martyrdom in the year 2012, Mahmoud Anas AlShamy due to the lack of blood plasma platelets in AlHekma Hospital #syria

The local committees corroborated in the year 2011 exactly 5862 martyrs including 321 male children, 74 female children and 146 women #syria

The award for the first protest in Syria in 2012 goes to Hama!

#Homs – Intense gunfire shooting is heard from the checkpint near AlMazraa and also the checkpoint at Rakan

2012 #Hama – Khattab a massive demo strated now in the very first minute of 2012 chanting for regime’s ouster

Night demo in Wady Barad

#Damascus – Suburbs Douma Sounds of intensive shooting from heavy arms in various locations in the city and sounds…

#Lattakia – sec. forces fire intermittently to terrorize residents of Qneines. A number of explosions in the area

#Daraa – Daeel A nighttime demo started at Freedom (Hurriyah) Square to celebrate the New Year

#Homs – sec. forces open heavy gunfire as an anti-regime nighttime demo starts in Inshaat

Banyas sec. forces open heavy fire because local residents are chanting for the martyrs and for the regime’s

#Hama – Gunfire from the Medical Complex and snipers are positioned on rooftops near the Sharqi Mosque

#Daraa – Heavy gunfire in Tel Shehab on the Jordan-Syrian border. The shots can be heard all over town

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