News from Palestine 30.12.2011 III

URGENT: the #IOF took photos of the protesters and now they are arresting some while leaving the village of #NabiSaleh cover your faces

Urgent: #Israeli occupying forces are arresting ppl while leaving #NabiSaleh be aware spread the word

Breaking:@ entrance of #NabiSaleh there is a checkpoint they are arresting people leaving the village they just took 2 in total 4 arrested

Tear gas fired has yellow green color. One youth suffocated. Long range fucking tear gas. #NabiSaleh

Demo started with balloons commemorating kids killed in gaza massacre 3 years ago. Skunk water sprayed #NabiSaleh

Israeli soldiers ran and tried to arrest omar tamimi released from prison last week. They then fired tear gas at us to not help #nabisaleh

Some guy from ramallah called Adel just got arrested on his way out of #nabisaleh. It was his first time here.

#IOF arrested 5 Palestinians from Deir Nizam town near #NabiSaleh

#Israeli occupying forces are trying to arrest some of the Protesters Palestinian women in the frontline trying to stop them #Nabisaleh

#NabiSaleh is the laughs,the kids,the rain,the love,the resistance,the unity,the nature,the pain,the peace,the gas, the resistance and more

Few moments and black Balloons will fly in #NabiSaleh sky hundreds of them will fly..each balloon is an innocent soul Remember #GAZAKIDS

We’re on the mountain trying to get to the spring. So much tear gas fired, 50 or more canisters fired #nabisaleh

A black balloon will fly a black memory will remain #NabiSaleh kids will let go the balloons soon ,,each Balloon with a name

Each Balloon has a name of a soul of a young girl a young boy murdered in gaza by the #Israeli Occupying forces Soon will fly in #NabiSaleh

Soon #NabiSaleh kids will let go black balloons carrying the names of #Gazan kids that were killed in castlead massacre in #GAZA by #Israel

“bombing gas bombing gas, bombing all the day, bombing gas bombing gas in a christmas day” by #nabisaleh girls

The 2 kidnapped activists from this morning are now held in a police station charged with disobeying orders #NabiSaleh

Barrage of tear gas fell directly on us. One hit @Hurriyahz on the arm, but it barely hurt her thank god #nabisaleh

@Occupy2gether a girl from Nabi Saleh

One of the protesters got shot with a tear Gas canister on her shoulder #NabiSaleh

America America your tears gas is being used in #NabiSaleh tears gas killed #MustafaTamimi go to the streets Say #NO to injustice

NOW #Israeli Soldiers are shooting toxic tear gas from close distance towards the protesters the homes the streets the humans of #NabiSaleh

NOW toxic skunk trucks spraying the peaceful protesters the amazing women men and kids of #NabiSaleh WHY!!! WHY!!! fuck the #IOF

The amazing kids of #NabiSaleh with big smiles singing revolutionary songs .its not a kindergartener as it shud be its a war zone #injustice

in #NabiSaleh “we resist to exist”

Take part in raising awareness to the world about #NabiSaleh tweet today about #NabiSaleh #Palestine

#Palestinian women raising Palestinian flags at #NabiSalehmountains toxic gas everywhere little chats there some laughs amazing spirit

In the modest of the toxic tear gas everywhere the protesters still find some space to enjoy the beauty of Al hanon in #nabisaleh hills

Urgent the gas being used in #NabiSaleh is yellow gas known as #Mustard gas and it can cause internal bleeding

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