From the Children of Gaza: We Want to Tell A Story

by Abby Zimet

On the third anniversary of the Israeli assault on Gaza that killed 1,400 men, women and children, and devastated the lives of an already-besieged population, an openletter from dozens of organizations calling on the international community and “the Arab street” to demand the liberation, finally, of the Palestinians. In Gaza, meanwhile, between the rubble, life goes on.
“‘We want to tell a story about a home with broken lanterns
About a lonely farm and about its fruits that weren’t picked
About a picnic that wasn’t enjoyed
About a baby girl that didn’t grow up
About a fire that consumed a child
About a classroom that wasn’t attended
About a wedding that wasn’t celebrated
About a football that wasn’t kicked
About a spirit that cannot be defeated
And about a stubborn flag that refuses to lie down.'”
( / 30.12.2011)

One thought on “From the Children of Gaza: We Want to Tell A Story

  1. Als ik deze foto’s weer zie moet ik altijd denken aan de tijd dat wij zelf kinderen waren in WO2. Onbeschrijfelijk leed, trauma’s,mijn hemel dit maakt mij nog strijdvaardiger.IsraHell stop je moorddadige apartheid systeem. Free Palestine!

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