News from Palestine 27.12.2011 II

RT @moyilmaz123 Gaza was bombed for 22 days and the BBC refused to air an appeal for aid but still #GazaSurvives

Despite that #GazaSurvives RT @willouda Ambulances everywhere.. Power lines damaged..tot al blackout in the targted area.

Israel dropped white phosphorus bombs on an already blockaded and devastated population. Yet they’re still here. #GazaSurvives

RT @Tama_Hanich #GazaSurvives Israeli explosions. An israeli explosion heard in #Gaza #Now

#GazaSurvives illegal use of White phosphorus on civilians! #Gaza

RT @Omar_Gaza Breaking Update: Israeli warplanes once again targets a car in Jala’ street in #Gaza which is a very busy street #GazaSurvives

RT @GazaYBO #GazaSurvives blackouts. @WillOuda a complete blackout in northern Gaza now.

via @hopeingaza the explosion targeted a car in Al Jala’a Str #GazaSurvives

You can incarcerate #gaza , bomb it beyond repair, cull its supplies, steal their organs, deafen the unborn yet #GazaSurvives ! #FuckIsrael

400+ children murdered in Gaza in the Israeli attack in 2008 but #GazaSurvives

One Killed, 3 Injured in Israeli Air Strike North of Gaza

Huge explosion now in Gaza near @imNadZ and #Gazasurvives yet another attack

#GazaSurvives wars, siege, occupation, killing, kidnapping, lies, electricity and water cuts and Israeli occupation.

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