News from Yemen 24.12.2011

No to immunity we want Saleh to be put on trial he killing his own people #lifemarch

Ya allah the death toll in #Sanaa is now 10 God help me coming to check twitter every time there a life gone in #Yemen #lifemarch

Those forces must know better why the hell do they listen 2 Saleh to kill their own people they should refuse & stand with them #Lifemarch

#Salehtrial now is #Yemen reliving #Libya is it like #gaddafi did shoot to kill #LifeMarch that how the 7 martyr was shot 🙁 Rip

Subanallah Saleh trial death penalty shot dead 7 innocent freedom fighters #LifeMarch

Intense violence since the #LifeMarch arrived in #Sanaa with the death toll raising quickly

Death toll rises to 7 #Lifemarch marchers are dying for their freedom of their country #yemen

there just been another one added to the death toll of #LifeMarch it 3 people killed and 30 injured as #yemeni forces fire on protestors

Subannallah 2 been killed by #Saleh Forces you a bastard we all the media we on twitter world reads #LifeMarc

Ya allah did I just see tweet #lifemarch has a martyr 🙁 now that sad

Prayers we can only thing we can do the world in running with blood may this bloodshed end #LifeMarch

#lifemarch brought the freedom they got the strength to hold on to that rope an to be Freed and #Saleh has to face trial

There is always light on the end of the tunnel is #Yemen seeing that light I say Yes #LifeMarch just did they brought Freedom

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