Denmark, Sweden to Vote for Palestine in Future, Says Danish Official

The Representative of Denmark to the Palestinian Authority, Lars Rehof Monday said that Denmark and Sweden committed to voting in favor of Palestine in the future, according to a statement by office of Fatah commission for international relations.

It said that Rehof, during his meeting with Fatah Central Committee Member, Nabil Shaath, in Ramallah, said Denmark and Sweden informed him of their commitment to the northern European states supportive position of Palestine, following his visit to both countries.

It added that Rehof affirmed his country’s supportive position of the Palestinian cause under the new government, indicating the same position by the heads of European socialist parties he met during the European Socialists Progressive Convention in Brussels in November.

Shaath called on Denmark to support the Palestinian leadership’s efforts against the escalation of settlement activities by the Israeli government, and the increase of settlers’ attacks against holy places, according to the statement.

He informed Rehof of the Israeli practices and the dangerous aftermath of the escalated settlers’ attacks against Palestinians and mosques on the stability in the region.

Shaath further informed Rehof of the Palestinian efforts to implement the reconciliation agreement and the international political efforts to support the Palestinian international requests.

Shaath called on the international community to pressure the Israeli government to halt its settlement activities and adhere to the peace principles.

( / 21.12.2011)

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