a Western Sahara Separatist polisario Front confidential document revealed the difficulties polisario is facing within its own camps located in SouthWestern Algeria.

The document revealed the difficulty polisario is facing within the camps following demonstrations of the refugees to oust Polisario president-for-life Mohamed Abdelaziz. The document that was circulated by the polisario’s  “defense ministry”, headed  by Muhammad Wali Oekaki, gave instructions to all those responsible to supervise the elections to coerce participants to vote for Mohammed Abdelaziz, to intimidate, and to use all means available to crush his opponents in order to keep the same ruling leadership that has been in power for over 35 years.

This paper highlights the methods of intimidation and coercion used by the Polisario leadership in order to maintain their own interests away from the interests of the Sahrawis refugees that they are supposed to be protecting.
The Polisario leadership which is supported by Algeria’s sinister Military Security Arm “DRS” has rejected all solution to the Western Sahara conflict short of outright independence for the territory.


The document was signed by the head of security of the Western Sahara Separatist Polisario Group

(moroccoboard.com / 19.12.2011)

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