Remember Mustafa Tamimi

REMINDER: Tomorrow #MustafaTamimi Funeral starts at 9am from Ramallah gov’t Hospital & burial is at 1pm in #NabiSaleh

Silent gathering for #MustafaTamimi in #Ramallah

#Mustafa Tamimi’s funeral. Beautiful spirit & beautiful people. #NabiSaleh will prevail indeed. #IDF #Israel #Palestine

#NabiSaleh heroes: Your cameras & voices are your weapons, no one can silence the truth! You are not numbers, you’re the breath of freedom!

Protesting the Killing of Mustafa Tamimi

RT @MaxBlumenthal: RT @ibnezra: Mustafa Tamimi’s sister in Ramallah this evening

#MustafaTamimi – A Martyr of Nabi Saleh

To believe is hard to disbelieve as we mourn the death #MustafaTamimi murdered in cold blood in his home village RIP

A photostory: When a nonviolent protests ends in death. Title should read: When an UNARMED protest..etc #MustafaTamimi

No justice, no peace; Mustafa Tamimi and thousands more Palestinian martyrs will not be blotted out by apartheid Israel from our memories.

British government regrets death of #MustafaTamimi

See the Israeli military’s sickening response on #Twitter after shooting Mustafa Tamimi” #MustafaTamimi via@occpal

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