Weekly Protests in Palestine (December 9, 2011)

Nabi Saleh : several cases of injuries, one man (Mustafa Tamimi) is in a critical condition and is currently in intensive care fighting for his life. Report by Mohammad Atallah Tamimi Mustafa Abd Alrazzaq Tamimi (27) was severely injured with a gas canister thrown directly at him from a close range by the IDF soldiers. The tragedy took place during the second year of commemorating the start of the popular struggle in Nabi Saleh. Mustafa was carried away with a car which was stopped for more than 30 min at the entrance of the village after which Mustafa was transported to a hospital in Tel Aviv. Eye witnesses said that the canister broke the mans face due to the fact that he was shot from a very close distance, of about 10 meters away. Furthermore six other citizens were injured after they were brutally targeted by the Israeli army. A camera man working at the Palestunian TV channel Majib Frwana and Ahmad AbdAllah Harish were both shot with a rubber bullet. While Uad Tamimi was hit with a gas canister which broke the lower part of his foot. One of victims is Bissan Tamimi who had her hand broken by a gas canister. Another villager injured is Fadl Tamimi who was targeted and shot with a rubber bullets one hit his ear and another hit his leg. Further more another young man, Mohammad Abu Samra was also hit with a rubber bullet in the ear. Besides these injures several cases of suffocation were reported along with dozens of propriety damage. As a response to the Israeli atrocities the villages of Nabi Saleh attacked the Israeli military tower set at the entrance of the village. The youth managed to break the main entrance expressing their anger on the tragic events of the day and specifically expressing their anger on Mustafa’s injury. The Israeli army imposed security restrictions announcing that the village is a closed military zone. Latest news : it’s confirmed that Mustafa lost his eye and is fighting for his life. ***LIVE UPDATES ON MUSTAFA’S SITUATION: http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/with-surgical-precision-at-1-meter-distance-israel-shot-a-non-violent-protester-deliberately-delayed-medical-aid / 09.12.2011

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