Al-Aqsa foundation warns of Jewish plan to build synagogues under Magariba Gate

An illustration of the Israeli plan

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Al-Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage said Zionist religious parties renewed a plan to build synagogues under Al-Magariba Gate in the area adjacent to the Aqsa Mosque.

This Israeli plan poses a real threat to the Aqsa Mosque as it will expose Al-Nabi (Prophet) Gate which is located beneath Al-Magariba Gate and leads to the Mosque’s underground areas, the foundation warned in a press release.

It added such Israeli construction would affect the structure of Al-Buraq wall (described falsely as wailing wall by Jews) and would lead to the demolition of historical Islamic and Arab antiquities and monuments.

This plan is part of a comprehensive Zionist scheme to Judaize the whole area of Al-Buraq wall above and under ground as Al-Aqsa foundation had warned earlier.

Israel’s channel two reported Tuesday evening that rabbi Shamuel Rabinovich, the chief of the wailing wall legacy fund, prepared a plan to expand prayer areas for Jewish women in the wall square.

“We have an intention to build an underground floor below the wailing wall square surrounded by walls on all sides, and we are now at the stage of submitting a request in this regard to the competent authorities for approval,” the channel quoted Rabinovich as saying.

The channel noted that this rabbi sent in the last days several letters to Israeli political and security leaders urging them to remove Al-Magariba Gate bridge.

( / 01.12.2011)

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