Main power line to Gaza down for 13 days

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israel is refusing to allow technicians to repair a main power line supplying the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for Gaza’s electricity company said Wednesday.

Jamal Dardasawi said the line has been down for 13 days, exacerbating the electricity crisis in the coastal enclave.

The Israeli government has not allowed technicians from the Israel Electric Company or from Gaza to repair the line, which usually provided 12 Megawatts of power, Dardasawi said.

Gaza’s power company has been applying an emergency distribution program, disconnecting the power grids for eight hours every day.

Dardasawi noted that the problem coincided with threats by Israel’s foreign ministry to cut off water and electricity to Gaza if Fatah and Hamas formed a unity government.

Senior engineer Ahmad Abu al-Amrein said the shortage of power in the Gaza Strip had reached 37.3 percent.

The coastal enclave needs 300 Megawatts to meet residents’ needs, but only 188 Megawatts are available, al-Amrein said.

Israel provided 108 Megawatts, Gaza’s sole power plant generated 63 Megawatts and Egypt supplied 17 Megawatts, he explained.

( / 30.11.2011)

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