MP’s success in PP 275 by election

In it’s first electoral outing since it was formed MP made an indelible mark in Pakistan’s politics. The seat went to the ruling party. But MP won all the same.
The contest for this seat in Yazman – an impoverished rural tehsil in the Bahawalpur district – started when the incumbent unexpectedly passed away. MP had only 5 weeks to create awareness about the party amongst local people.
The election, held on 26 November, was characterized by widespread, organized and government sponsored rigging. Despite this, unofficial results indicate that more than 5000 votes were cast in favour of the MP candidate.
Details of MP’s campaign preparations are in a report written by Saud Khawaja – MP’s Middle East Coordinator. Saud spent several days in PP 275 to witness and record first hand MP’s election campaign. He prepared the report for the benefit of MP supporters in the Middle East. It is at this link.
We also include a report written by MP’s Chairman to senior colleagues the day after the election. This indicates, among other things, the extent of the rigging in the election. His report is at this link.

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