Israeli intelligence summonses two female ex-detainees for interrogation


WEST BANK, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) violently stormed at dawn Sunday the homes of two Palestinian women recently released as part of the swap deal between Hamas Movement and Israel and handed them summonses for interrogation from the intelligence.

In Dura village south of Al-Khalil city, the IOF broke at dawn into the house of female ex-detainee Randa Al-Shahatit and handed her a summons for interrogation from the Israeli intelligence.

Shahatit, 25, told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that Israeli soldiers demanded her and her family to hand over their IDs before giving her the summons and threatening her with arrest if she did no show up at the intelligence headquarters inside Etzion military post.

Shahatit was serving four years and two months on a charge of attempting to kill a Jewish settler at the Ibrahimi Mosque in revenge for the massacres committed by Israel during its war on the Gaza Strip in the winter of 2008.

In Izza refugee camp north of Bethlehem city, the IOF also broke into the house of another female ex-detainee called Hanan Al-Hamouz and handed her a summons from the intelligence.

Local sources said the IOF stormed the camp, spread in its alleys and streets and closed its main entrance before breaking into and ransacking the house of Hamouz family.

( / 27.11.2011)

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