Bahrain will start new talks

Protesters wave the flags of the Arab Spring countries, including the Bahraini flag, during a rally in Aali village

Despite numerous government crackdowns, Bahrain’s Shia-led protest movement continues to call for more political rights.

Bahrain will start new talks on political reforms and overhaul its security policies but still blames Iran for fomenting civil unrest,  the country’s foreign minister said.

Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa said that the main opposition party Wefaq, which commands support among majority Shi’ites, would need to be involved but it should distance itself from daily clashes between riot police and Shia protesters in villages which the government says are empty vandalism that hurt the economy.

“For them to be present we should make sure that all important issues are on the table,” the minister said.

“Everybody concerned should be in it, and we are taking that as an important step forward. We ask everybody not to keep themselves out of these talks. Keeping yourself out means we won’t be able to discuss all the demands.”

( / 25.11.2011)

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