News of Tahrir Square 24.11.2011

Supplies can be brought to hassan allam hospital at ANYTIME 24/7 except at time of prayer yom el Gom3a #alexneeds RT!!

People communicate please! Who can bring those meds and when?? Needed before 2moro 5pm max!#alexneeds RT!! Getting ready for 2moro’s clashes

Pulmicort,Combivent,Bivatracin,AlcoholSpray,UmboBag,Yeast,EthylChloride,Massagil,PanadolExtra,dressing at hassan allam RT!! ASAP

RT @JFarook: Tahrir’s unsung heroes on motorcycles

YOUR RT CAN SAVE LIVES ▶ Howto deal with Tear Gas & 1st Aid

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