News from Tahrir Square 23.11.2011

Reports say the Grand Mufti of Egypt has called upon the police to lay down their arms and stop shooting at Egypt’s sons. #CNN #Tahrir

RT @RamyRaoof: a brief of what’s going on in #Egypt since 19 November until now to understand the situation #Tahrir

Sickening: A doctor in Egypt was killed after SCAF fired teargas at a hospital. #tahrir

Mashaal arrives in Cairo #Gaza #Palestine

10 canisters of tear gas just fired now #Alexandria

A #tahrir doctor just died from tear gas suffocation

Of the handful of injured protesters, 2 shot w rubber bullets, inc teenager shot in neck in critical condtn #Smouha #Alexandria #Egypt

Grand imam of Al-Azhar urges Egyptian police not to shoot protesters ‘no matter what the reasons’

At least five injured in #Alexandria clashes so far including one in serious condition

Gas supplied by Amerika responsible for over 30 deaths in Egypt. Perish the thought! How can Amerika be accused of doing a thing like that!

One thought on “News from Tahrir Square 23.11.2011

  1. I am sorry to hear all this! I am in America and just hate that US weapons are harming the people of Egypt. May Allah be with them.

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