News of Egypte 22.11.2011

Tahrir is secure and jovial and needs a little cleaning up so come on down.
Can anyone get an empty canister of the Gas shot in #Tahrir we need to find what it is #Jan25ReBorn
Nawwar Negem is speaking on Al-Jazeera, her voice is veryy weird…I wonder what Gas are they using #Tahrir #Jan25ReBorn
ManaraRamDeeDee @palyouthvoice photos from the demo in #Ramallah in solidarity wth #tahrir #Egypt
Retweet! Flood CEO of CombinedSystems, makers of tear gas in #Tahrir,w/calls at +1-724-932-2177 ext 0 #Jan25 @monaeltahawy
10 arrested in Libel Bill protests in Tel Aviv
Medical source in the Zeinhom morgue near Cairo’s #Tahrir Square claims that 71 Egyptians have been killed since clashes erupted Saturday.
#Tahrir now! Tantawi, why do you need to go through the whole process Mubarak went through! #Jan25ReBorn
Thousands remain in Cairo’s Tahrir Square despite military vow of rapid handover (DPA) // “…by July 2012” is not rapid.
Egypt’s military council vows to transfer power by July 2012. That’s too late. #Tahrir
#Alexandria makeshift hospital sources say more than 100 protesters injured by rubber bullets, hundreds more by tear gas
The Question of the day: will Tantawi commit to the 3 speeches rule? or will he adopt the Syrian and Libyan models? #Tahrir #Jan25ReBorn
Doctors & morgue officials tell Human Rights Watch of receiving numerous protesters shot with live ammunition

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