News of Tahrir Square 20.11.2011

#Alexandria activists r now praying on the body of yesterday’s slain protest, then they’ll head back to the security hq’s for more protests

Egypt: Hundreds injured in bloody #Tahrir clashes

Emergency declared at govt hospitals in cairo, egyptian tv.  #egypt

I support #Tahrir protesters. Do u? #Egypt

Crowd arguing with soldiers, cursing them #Tahir

RT @RichardDufek: PHOTO | #Tahrir now people are chanting : ”we are gonna die here”

Teargas lands in west side of #Tahrir, protesters holding Talaat Harb so security forces must be firing from Bab el-Louq

Army has formed a line at Mohamed Mahmoud street blocking it

Ambulances now entering #Tahrir from Qasr el-Aini but there are so many injured for them to collect – explosions still ringing out

This is not the second revolution..this is THE REVOLUTION! #Tahrir #Egypt via @BentAboEs3oud

Attacks coming from #Tahrir St entrance to square from Bab el-Louq, people say its the army but too dark to see

AJELive: Egyptian riot police cleared Cairo’s #Tahrir Square, setting fire to protester’s tents and belongings

AJELive: Tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets fired at protesters in Cairo’s #Tahrir

AJELive: AJE live camera captures Central Security troops lighting fire to an abandoned motorcycle in #Tahrir

RT @ssirgany: RT @msheshtawy: ARMY a beating EVERYONE , women ,KIDS EVERYONE !!!!!!! #Tahrir

AJELive: Egyptian military police attacking large crowds on Tahrir Square in Cairo with tear gas

Police advance towards #Tahrir. Saw police beat one man excessively. He was bleeding from the head. #egypt

State TV website hacked, message posted criticizing bias: Hackers attacked the website of Egypt’s state TV

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