News of Tahrir Square 20.11.2011 III

Photos now circulating of army tanks and APC’s approaching #Tahrir, whilst explosions still ringing out across downtown Cairo

tahrir still chaotic esp on tahrir st and mohmd mahmoud. Constant tear gas.

Army armored vehicles on their way to tahrir

At least 10 killed, over 320 injured in today’s clashes across #Egypt. Casualty toll since yesterday, at least 12 killed, over 1400 injured

Dozens injured in #Alexandria, doctors at makeshift hospitals being intimidated by police – this is not a good precedent for tomorrow #egypt

Mohamed Mahmoud heavily teargassed right now, lots of fainted protesters carried back.

Many injured demonstrators are leaving hospitals in #Egypt prematurely fearing arrest

RT @hamzamu: #Egypt #Tahrir : Needed now for Tahrir Field Hospital : Doctors  and Basic Elements PLZ RT 🙁

EU foreign policy chief calls on authorities in #Egypt to halt violence #tahrir #alexandria #suez


Video of Egyptian security ruthlessly beating up protesters via @TomGara @marcomohamed @Last_delight @Marwa_Thabet

Injured being rushed out. Ppl at front lines say thugs wielding machetes. #tahrir. Air thick w tear gas.

Utter chaos on Mohamed Mahmoud street. Dark, wailing ambulances, tear gas, shots, surges forward, retreats.

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