News of Tahrir Square 20.11.2011 II

#Alexandria march now in Camp Shezar, numbers swelling, ppl urging onlookers to join

Green laser just flashed on a protester in #Tahrir on AJE live.

#Tahrir | Warning any1 receiving mobile phone empty message: Security identifying them take simcard out &change location v.@AdelDarwish RT!

Muslim Brotherhood issues statement saying protesters have “right” to demonstrate, military must “explain itself”. #Egypt

Emad Abo Ghazi the mister of culture has just resigned from the cabinet because he’s against using force against protesters.

Police have pulled back toward AUC library building. Crowd moving forward #Tahrir

RT @msheshtawy: #Tahrir square is ours again we are 10-15000 if not more

Bloodied people, many of them children, keep getting carried in to hospital

There is a battle in tahrir st looks like in bab el lou2 sq

Amazing! numbers increased and chants are much louder, demanding the downfall of the marshall, and people see it on tv.

Crowd growing in #tahrir

Dead body in the makeshift hospital. People say he died from gunshot wound

RT @RawyaRageh: #Alexandria now. Protests picking up aftr funeral of Bahaa.

The people are being arrested in Sadat Metro Station.

Anyone who want to go to Tahrir, don’t go through Qasr El-Nile bridge it’s not safe.

RT @WorldPeace2Day: RT @occpal: Complete list of #TahrirNeeds here:

@SmithSofia @jazkhalifa #TahrirNeeds | Betadine, Malogin Injections, 5cm Syringes, Gauzes with or without stuf. (cont)

RT @MeeMMaa: a new martyr in #tahrir, was killed by the egyptian army and security forces

Prayers for the brave souls in #Tahrir Sq standing firm against brutality of security forces <3 #Egypt

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