Palestine Forgive Us

Truth has no author, only witnesses who speak or who hide.

‎”Palestine, forgive us;

for forgetting that you are our mother

and we your children.

Forgive us for forgetting that our unity

is what kept us strong,

and that we abandoned you the day

we chose your killer over our brothers

and sisters for the sake of a throne,

a red carpet and a fake “Authority”.

Forgive us for forgetting that we are one

and we remain one only through you,

that your love was the bond that kept us together.

Forgive us for forgetting that there was a time

when we stood as one,

and had one name: Palestinians.

We didn’t call ourselves Muslim nor Christian

nor Jew nor Atheist: we were Palestinians.

‎We didn’t call ourselves

Fathawi nor Jabhawi nor Hamsawi:

we were Palestinians.

We didn’t call ourselves local or returnee:

we were Palestinians.

We didn’t call ourselves

moderate or leftist or extremist:

we were Palestinians.

Forgive us for we stripped ourselves off

of the names you gave us,

and exchanged “freedom fighter” for “peace activist”

and “Palestine” for “Palestinian Territory”

and “submission” for “negotiation”

and “oppression” for “peace”.

And for the sake of a throne and a Mercedes

we allowed your killers to classify us:

“peace activist”, “terrorist”, “moderate”, “extremist”.

Forgive us Palestine,

for their opinion was more important

and yours didn’t matter anymore,

for it is them who pay

and you are the goods to be delivered.


‎”Palestine, forgive us;

for forgetting that you are the first

and you are the last,

that you are the beginning

and you the end,

that from you we emerged

and that to your bosom we return.

You gave us a name,

and we used your name to promote ourselves

and to build firms and businesses.

You gave us a home, and we desecrated it

by shaking hands with your usurpers

and allowing them into your heart

in the name of “peace” and “being moderate”.

You loved us freely,

and we asked for a price for that love so

“we can continue our struggle for you”.

You forgave our falls and our mistakes,

but we continue to use your suffering

so we can increase our bank accounts,

drive a Mercedes and live in a villa.’


Palestine, forgive us;

for we exchanged a homeland for a throne.

We exchanged your green valleys for the red carpet.

We exchanged your flag wrapped around

the sacred bodies of your martyred children

for an imitation hoisted half mast

opposite the gun of an Israeli sniper.

We exchanged the fight for freedom

for a fight for more “ministers”,

more “initiatives” and more “road maps”,

and swore to negotiate, negotiate and negotiate

till the last breath of your children,

till the last rain drop falls on your fields,

till the last poppy blossoms on your hilltops.


Palestine, forgive us;

for we believed in figures and symbols

more than we believed in you.

We made them our “Gods”

and allowed them to guide us

from one “process” to another,

from one “initiative” to another,

from one concession to another

and from one catastrophe to another.

We made them more important than you.

We allowed them to set the criteria

for what is to be “Palestine”

and what is not to be “Palestine”,

what is acceptable as form of “resistance”

and what is not acceptable as form of “resistance”,

who is to be our “enemy”


Palestine, forgive us;

for we forgot who we are, and what we are.

We forgot who you are and what you are.

We allow others to speak in our name,

be our voice and we forget that you gave birth

to Ibrahim Touqan, to Ghassan Kanafani,

to Naji Al-Ali, to Mahmoud Darwish and so many others.

We allow bias Zionist-run media to talk for us,

to talk of us and to use us the way it chooses

in return for the fame and publicity that is promised us.

We allow them to paint our past, present and future

as if we had no saying in it,

as if we had no identity.

We talk, write and sing of Mohammad Jamjoum,

Fu’ad Hijazi and Ata Al-Zeer,

of Lina Nabulsi and Dala Al Mughrabi

and the thousands of your children

whose body is mingled with your sacred earth,

but we forget that they remained loyal to you

till the last breath, that they chose death over betraying you.


Palestine, forgive us;

for we the children of Canaan

allow the Zionists to erase our identity,

our history, our roots in the land of Canaan.

We allow them to turn your paradise into a desert,

we allow them to uproot your ancient olive trees,

we allow them to kill your poppies.

We stand still while you are being disfigured

by distorted structures that are alien to you,

while your forests are being destroyed,

while your natural wealth is being stolen,

while your fields are being razed.

The beauty of you

that was the scene of our childhood

fades away and your body

is infected with colonial cancer,

and we stand still as it eats your body

and console ourselves with the few tiny bits

here and there where we are still allowed to touch you.


Palestine, forgive us;

for forgetting your pain

and thinking only about our pain,

for justifying our acceptance

of your desecration and

for using your children as excuse

for accepting any “peace” that is forced upon us.

Forgive us for not wishing to know,

for not wishing to acknowledge,

that any peace other than a just peace

won’t bring a decent life to our children.

Forgive us for hiding behind our children,

and claiming we want a future for them.

Forgive us for choosing to ignore the fact that

as long as there is an occupation,

our children, your children,

will have no peace and no future.

Forgive us for accepting concessions with the excuse:

”this is the best offer we will ever get”,

as if we were discussing a watermelon

or a used car we are about to buy.

Forgive us for forgetting that the land is OURS

and that no fake history,

no flown-in immigrants

and no Apache, Merkava or Demona

should make us ever forget that!

Forgive us, for we demanded explanations

from your children who were forced out of their homes

under Zionist gun threat as you were raped in 1948

and blamed them for our current state,

and today we are participating in this rape

in the name of negotiations,

a statehood and a president


Palestine, forgive us;

for we forget what you are,

where you begin and where you end.

We draw you complete as you should be;

from the river to the sea,

but we define your borders

according to the will of your usurper.

We define Palestine as East Jerusalem,

Ramallah, Gaza, Nilin and Bilin,

and choose to forget your Jerusalem,

Haifa, Yaffa and Acca and

every single millimetre of your precious soil.

We replace Palestine with Palestinian Territory,

Jerusalem with Abu Dees and the

Aqsa with the Muqata’a. Palestine,

forgive us, for we are negotiating

with your murderers and

we are selling your body to the highest bidder.


Palestine, forgive us;

for we prefer to immigrate to Canada,

to the US and to Europe,

and leave you alone with your murderers.

We prefer to enjoy the blue sky and the sun,

while your skies are clouded with tear gas and bombs.

We prefer to enjoy the stars at night,

while your nights are lit up with phosphorous bombs.

We prefer to enjoy the parks and the gardens

and forget your hills and valleys

usurped by American and European colonists.

We choose to leave you

and escape your pain and suffering,

while so many of your children stay steadfast

despite Zionist terror.

We forget that many of your sons and daughters

never saw you and cry blood for the wish of seeing you,

and we, who have been blessed with Jerusalem,

Hebron, Haifa and Gaza want to give them up and immigrate.


Palestine, forgive us

for we place individual interests

above our national interests.

We fight each other instead of fighting our enemy.

We have made brothers of your enemies,

of our enemies,

and we have made enemies of your children,

of our brothers.

We threaten your children

with a bloody revenge after a squall,

but shake the blood-soaked hands

of the killers of your children.

We swear that none of your children

other than us would ever have

a saying over 20% of your sacred soil,

but agree to let your usurpers rape 80% of your body.

We declare proudly that we never raised even a stone

against your usurper and announce

a century of resistance to be “terrorism” and “futile”.


Palestine, forgive us;

for we stand by and watch

as your children are murdered on the way to school,

on the way home, on the way to the olive fields,

as your children are thrown out of their homes,

as your children are locked up in torture cells,

as your children starve to death,

as your children are burned by white phosphorous.

Our towns, homes, shops are full with Zionist products,

while your children search for food in garbage dump.

We, your children, who helped build neighbouring countries

with our brains, our blood and our sweat,

have become a people dependent on donor conferences.

We have been reduced to Beggars!

We congratulate ourselves for baking the largest Knakeh,

for sewing the longest dress,

but watch as Zionist colonists

burn down our homes and our fields,

while they kick us out of our homes.

We watch as IOF soldiers humiliate us

at every checkpoint,

kidnap our brothers and sisters every single day,

every single night.

We watch as our brothers and sisters still live in tents,

don’t have fresh water to drink,

sit in the darkness at night.


Palestine, forgive us;

for we are partners in the crime,

through our silence, our acceptance

and the concessions of those who claim to represent us.

Your soil is angry, your sky is mourning,

your children are crying, shedding blood,

for through our current silence, our current subsidence,

we betrayed their souls and left the path

they have paved for us with their lives.

But Palestine, you know us, for you are our mother.

You know that we are steadfast

and will remain steadfast to the last breath

and to the last drop of blood.

You know us, and you know that the road is full of obstacles,

it might take us some time,

we might be slow,

every step might cause you and us so much suffering,

so much loss, but it is our destined road and are taking it.

We are taking every step, no matter how painful,

no matter how many of us fall,

because every step brings us closer to you,

every step liberates your fields and hills,

every step heals your wounds.

Palestine, our memory is still intact,

our hearts still throbbing with your love,

we are still alive. You know, Palestine,

we rose up one time after the other,

we never gave up no matter.

We will rise up again,

and again and again till the world realizes

that without our freedom, your freedom,

there is no freedom.


So, rest assured, Palestine,

your loyal children, our grandparents and parents

planted your love in our hearts,

their blood, your blood, runs in our veins and

as they gave you their word never to forget

and never to give up, we give you our word:

we walk on the footsteps

of your loyal sons and daughters,

we will carry their message

and their memory in our hearts,

we will continue their struggle,

will continue to resist,

will remain steadfast until total liberation.

Author Unkown.

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