News from Eypte 19.11.2011

RT @Egyptocracy: Heavy firing in Kasr Al Aini street. #Egypt #tahrir

Independent #Egypt sat channel @ontveg reports 4,000 people protesting in Nile Delta city Mahalla, want to sit in at security HQ.

state tv reporter in #alexandria saying at least 1,500 people protesting there, other sources there telling me much more

Or politicking RT @monakareem Fucking Salafis issued a statement calling on people not to go to #Tahrir. Once a coward, always a coward.

BREAKING: #Egypt protester reportedly killed by gun shot in #Cairo‘s Tahrir Square named as “Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud”.

It seems the Egyptian police either provoked or overreacted to a small no of protestors. It also seems they miscalculated. Huge backlash.

An Egyptian woman sits praying against the violence in the midst of riot police in Tahrir Square

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