Israel confiscates Palestinian land north of Jordan Valley


NAZARETH, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority has confiscated hundreds of Palestinian dunums north of the Jordan Valley and annexed them to a Jewish Kibbutz called Merav, according to Hebrew press reports.

Ha’aretz daily said that the path of the separation wall to the northeast of Jordan Valley was amended to allow the annexation of 1500 dunums of Palestinian farmland.

David Yisrael, the leader of the Kibbutz, said that the land was being farmed by the settlers for decades, claiming that the matter was settled with the land of Israel department.

However, a spokesman for the department denied knowledge of the step.

The annexed land is owned by Palestinians who left the West Bank in the wake of the Israeli invasion in 1967 and did not come back. Their land, according to the Israeli law, is under state guardianship and not allowed to be transferred to the settlements.

( / 19.11.2011)

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