Change the world … start with yourself

I am not preaching and I do not want to preach, but I want to give you some thoughts to
think about … thinking about a better world, better for us, but speciallybetter for our children.

All days and every day we are exposed to challenges and every day we make good or wrong decisions, but we are self responsible. We are telling our family and friends that we want to change the world, but In the meantime we are doing wrong things, the emotional sins. And in that way, we want to change the world? Just wake up baby …

Let me tell you a story. A man was working in a small office with a colleague. The last one was younger, higher in ranking, but with a big mouth and very arrogant. Every time the older man gets upset and get angry and months the two men did not speak to each other. Until a certain day the older man thought why should I act like that, I have to be sorry for this younger man, maybe it is a shield of protection, maybe he is not certain of himself.

From the moment that the older man found out this, he felt sorry for the younger man and talked again. With this attitude the older man got not angry again or upset. He felt much better again and went happy again to this small office. Furthermore there was communication between the two men.

What I want to tell here, act to another person, as you want they act to you. Have respect for the other, even when they have a big mouth, is arrogant or have other ideas or plans. Everybody is free to choose his way of life; in Qur’an can be read that there is no pressure and so we have to act to other people too.

More important we have to act as good human being to other people, but special too
people of the Book, meaning the Thora, the Bible and the Qur’an. In this line it is so difficult to understand that brothers and sisters in Islam don’t accept that there are Muslims who follow another directions. And again: how can we change the world to the better, if we don’t accept our own brothers and sisters?

I want to give you some thoughts for the next days:

  • Act as a good human being to another human being
  • Respect that there will be other people with another religion
  • Respect that there are brothers and sisters who follow another road in their life
  • Take distance of chaos, violence, war and weapons
  • It is better to talk in politics than stand in defeatist isolationism
  • Be an example for your family, friends, colleagues and the whole world
  • Don’t be arrogant or don’t have a big mouth
  • Be an example in help people who need our help
  • If you want to change something, don’t create a chaos but take the way of
  • Look at yourself before you talk about the other

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